Is this Idea Possible?

Take this idea with a grain of salt as I have no serious modding experience whatsoever (just button and joystick swaps). I’m also not sure if this idea has been done before or if my idea is basically the same.

I’m aware that it’s possible to dual mod sticks, but has anyone tried using a separate PCB for the other console? What I mean is, If i had a xbox 360 stick and I wanted it modded to play both 360 and PS3. Taking the idea MC has brought with their line of TE sticks (The USB compartment), I figure if we have two seperate PCB’s with each PCB having it’s own USB attachment for it’s specific console that the margin of the error that the stick will continue to be extremely responsive even after years of play.

From what I hear, most dual modded sticks usually burn out rather fast and I figure if the single USB didn’t share 2 signals, that it could prevent this from happening.

I imagine this would take up a lot of space in the stick so I have no idea how practical this idea would be or if it even makes sense, lol.

Maybe it’s already been done before, but I figure it’s worth asking.

It is possible, and sometimes people do that. However, it’s more efficient to just use one cable. If a dual mod is done properly, it should be dependable. If it isn’t, then it is likely not due to the use of just one USB cable. People generally use a DPDT switch or Toodles’ Imp PCB switch to select which system PCB is sending data through the cable.

Each PCB having its own USB Cable/ System cable has been done. But the 2 PCBs still must be wired together

But as a rule of Dual-Modding
ground must be connected to ground and power must be connected to power on both boards.
Meaning both boards must be powered up.

When you press a button or hit a direction on a joystick you are sending voltage to both PCBs.
If one PCB isn’t powered the non-powered PCB all of the sudden have some power and send false signals.

By having both boards powered up, but only one using the data connection, you trick one board to stay in “Stand By” (not a official term).

Having 2 separate cables for each board do not reduce error, nor sharing a cable increase error.

Now its the Data connections that can’t be shared

For this set up We (SRK Tech Talk) highly recommend never to plug both cables in.

Who the hell told you this dirty lie?