Is this innescapable? (Demon setup)

Corner only. Hit a grounded opponent with a late air Hurricane (HK), immediate Hurricane (LK), reset with early close HK, cancel first hit into demon. If you cancel the HK quickly enough, they’ll land sandwiched between you and the corner. The demon will already have been active for loads of frames and should catch them instantly.

I can’t reproduce this reliably enough to test it properly and the timing and retesting is far too tedious to bothering trying this with programmable input :frowning:

They can still jump. As long as they hold up before landing they will be allowed to jump.

someone have a vid with this?

I’m pretty sure that’s not true. If you set the CPU to constantly jump, you can still throw him, and I imagine the CPU is just holding up.

CPU is not in a reset situation in your case.

Xen >> Are the two tatsus really important in your setup? They throw opponent higher than only one tatsu? Setup cannot be tried without the first one?

Beside the point: can a “reseted” character push out a punch/kick/special/super?

How long the demon has been out is irrelevant. The point is when a person lands from a reset, they have a small amount of time where they cannot be thrown, consequently always allowing enough time to jump before that invincibility wears off. What you want is to cross under them, because they aren’t invincible to throws from behind…I think.

Doing is believing. Set it up yourself. Try and demon somebody from a reset where they fall into the demon and see if you can grab them.

I tried many setup with true kara demon, and it never worked if opponent jumps…
Not completely useless as if opponent just wanna block/parry or poke, demon will catch him, but, it’s risky: losing all bars and taking punishment in return if he jumps…

Anyway, if that setup worked(corner reset demon), it should mean that one tatsu is a garanteed demon: a little bit broken ^^

It looks to me as though you need both. The second tatsu, followed by the HK, knocks them really high. I’m not aware of a demon reset that comes out earlier than this one does. With my limited Akuma knowledge, it appeared to be fool-proof. If they can jump out, damn! :slight_smile:

PS: Been meaning to say this for ages ESN; Your site is made of win! Been using it constantly for testing some really wacky input stuff, ala KYSG. The frame data makes scripting my inputs much more bearable. Much appreciated sir :tup:

is canceling a Fierce shoryu that hits into demon guaranteed?

I can’t practice it its too hard to do X_x.

No. It doesn’t work. The SRK knocks them into the air and the demon goes under them :frowning:

It would never work regardless. Demon is a command grab. They’d have to be spun around for it to connect. The only ‘spin’ attack Akuma has is far HK.

Feel free to add some comments if you think it’s useful (like i did for akuma)!
Initially, i did it to have a sort of wiki built for fighting games, where anybody could add some knowledge. But it doens’t have a great success beside frames datas. I guess lack of communication about this part can explain this :bgrin:

DaemoN_ >> It will not connect if opponent jump after the black screen(and he’ll do that). Opponent is in hit stun when Gouki try to catch him so he cannot be caught.
Same thing on block but with block stun.
He’s not airborne on first hit of SRK (and i would say not on second too but i’m not sure).

Sometimes I get the feeling that people make out Raging Demons to be more complicated than they actually are…

What a dumb thread… This is what happens when people play too much EX3.

Thx for nothing.

Yup, just a non techable throw really.

No one can land into a demon from a reset. Nowhere near the same as constantly holding up.

And if you think that one tatsu = demon was broken, then what about one tatsu = guaranteed reset kkz. More broken?

Harder and more character dependant, no?

I saw that some of your buddies come in Toulouse (France, my town) in October for E-Games festival, you don’t plan to go wih them?

Harder maybe - depends on who is playing. But lets be straight - at a high level people must be able to execute their characters main moves and combos, otherwise they are not such a threat. For example, if I play against a Chun Li that cannot consistently kara throw and combo her HK into super from far and close, then I will play a lot more risky against her and probably win.

As for the October tourney… I dunno, I do have some time to think about it plus all the guys who are going are new players on our 3s scene who are also improving really quick. It might be better to let them have their own first time international tourney experience, but I dunno. If I have the time I might come :tup:

Hope you’ll come!