Is this just delay on Kaillera?

Sometimes when I get up after a knockdown, I find that my shorts don’t come out fast enough before i get thrown again.

Or sometimes, for example with ken, i block his cl.MP and then i try to short/jab but then he is able to throw me.

Is it just the delay? Or am I not pressing short/jab fast enough? Or do they just have frame advantage or what?

Is the only way to counter that is to throw as well?

I’m not sure Ken’s jab is fast enough, but I don’t play Ken so I wouldn’t know.

What you should do is try to late tech by teching his throw while crouching, if he’s too slow you will get him with the crouching jab, but if he’s going to get you with the throw you will tech it.

you’re timing it wrong

+mame AND online play itself add input delay to the game, so you have to time it like, while you’re getting hit.

If you have to ask, the answer is yes.

Pretty much a delay issue, even if u know he’s gonna throw there are still some frames of delay to add to your reaction time so basically: throws> your jab.
Yeah tick throws are broken on kaillera :rofl:

a lot of things are broken on kaillera I’d say :sweat:

Well, I’ve only started playing 3s when it became available on Mame, so yes, I had to ask.

And ty for the answers.

Actually, a well timed non-kara throw beats a poke on wakeup.