Is this just me

or does somebody else think that Sakura`s fwr+hk was put into the game just to give fans some cheap pantyshot

if you find yourself getting turned on by sak’s red spandex, you need to turn off your computer and reevaluate your life right now my friend.

It’s a good move. The only overhead in the entire game that actually gives frame advantage (other than Yuri’s butt attack when blocked and done as a meaty). Sak is +1 after hit or block with the overhead. So if the opponent likes sticking out sweeps or something after blocking, Sakura gets a free cross-up.

Do qcf+HP, f+MK, d.MK in the middle of your blocked CC as well. Pretty tricky to block as the overhead, immediately followed by the low attack is unexpected.

edit: Notice I was polite and helpful other than my usual, “NO! ASK SOMETHING LESS STUPID!” response.

Kim’s stance overhead gives +5, and you can link short short super after it. Also, even though it’s not listed in the guide for some reason, Kim’s normal overhead gives a hefty +8 or so when cancelled into the stance. Rock’s overhead (though incredibly useless) also gives +2, and there’s a number of overheads that have a possible frame advantage if done meaty.