Is this Laptop "decent" for gaming?

I’m more of a Blizzard Entertainment//Half-Life(Counterstrike) gamer so is this laptop good to run the upcoming games like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3? How about Counterstrike : Source?

I know there isn’t really a confirmed system requirement chart for those games(maybe SC2). Just by looking at the gameplay we saw so far, do you think it will run both games pretty “decent”?

Reason why this laptop because my brother is buying it really cheap for me at his work used.

BTW I’m going to add another 2 gigs of RAM to the Laptop to make it 6 gigs

So far everything on the laptop looks good enough when it comes to gaming. Only problem is the graphics chip/card.

Here’s a really good link about the HD 3200 thats in the

Now from that info, you should be able to play CSS but for the other newer games you’ll probably have to use low settings/resolutions. I think it should handle WOW/Dota/Warcraft

Probably won’t run StarCraft II, and if it did, I doubt it will be an enjoyable experience. I don’t think that will even run Company of Heroes well which is probably a comparable game in terms of resource usage, but we won’t know until they release more info on Starcraft II.

Never buy HP…

of course unless you get it for chea… NO! never buy HP

but judging from those specs, you will probably be able to run SC2… just not at optimal performance.

get a damn desktop for games. buy a netbook for school you can get both for the price of a decent gaming laptop.

I agree with HvE here. I’ve had a couple bad experiences with HP, so I tend to stay away from the company. Plus, I personally dislike AMD chipsets.

Whats best? AMD or Intel for games?

BTW, what were your so called bad experiences?

Honestly for games AMD and Intel are about at the same level when it comes to the dual core processors and with going quad core your not going to see much of an improvement as I still have yet to see a game that utilizes them. as for a bad experiences that could mean anything from reduced visuals to a low FPS when it comes to PC gaming avoid the low end as your just going to end up building another pc sooner than later

Wow, I’ve got a HP Celeron i bought nearly 10 years ago, its been through several family members and finally came home to me still running as well as it ever did. Never had a single problem with it, and its sitting here now waiting to get turned into something cool. Between me, my brothers and my dad its outlived about 5 other PC’s.

Just sayin’…

So I had my brother take the laptop back.

My budget pretty much around $1000-$1200 when it comes to buying an average gaming laptop that can run SC2 AT LEAST. I don’t see myself planning on playing anything else other than SC2 and soon Diablo 3. So don’t worry much about me playing any others.

I’m a laptop guy, so don’t expect me to resort to buying a desktop. Sorry.

Any suggestions?(Look above before you decide to contribute)

So I’ve been checking out this site for a while and they surprisingly have some really good desktop//notebooks for a satisfying price. Well after the tax//shipping, it might not be THAT satisfying, but still a decent price unlike places like Best Buys//Frys Electronics. Does anyone know anything about that site//feedbacks? If so, do you think I should stay away or would you strongly consider it?

Although, I’m still going to give my bro a chance in finding me a decent laptop that can run SC2//D3 pretty smooth.

You can’t beat this Asus laptop for the price currently. Asus notebooks are rock solid and the specs on this model are perfect for you. You could even play some SF4 and TF2 on this thing easily.

Yeah I’ve been looking at those in Best Buys today. My buddy works there and he says Asus is the best one out there ATM. An Asus laptop was REALLY going to be my first choice until my bro called me that he found me that HP laptop that I sadly had him take back. They are sold for a really good price too. Thanks for looking out

It’s awful. For the exact same price I got a 13 inch laptop with the exact same specs… minus the screen size (same resolution though).

Graphic card is low end
The CPU is weak and very power consuming
Resolution on the screen is awful for a 17 inch it’s not even really high def
Hard drive is mediocre small space, weak rpm

Look into Asus if you want a decent priced good speced laptop. has a great community that’ll help you pick the right notebook as well, so check it out.

That asus is one of the notebooks out there id get rid of my desktop for. Use it for both school and at home. Solid machine more then enough for diablo.

if your going to bust out cyperpowerpc im going to have to laydown


Gaming and laptop do not mix. You WILL regret it. I bought an Alienware Area51m once upon a time. I would not do it again. Save your money, get a cheap laptop, good desktop.

I wish I had spent the money I used on that laptop on a Blazblue cabinet.

Though I have to say, this is one of the best deals I’ve ever seen for a laptop. Solid little powerhouse. Small screen = more battery life, yet it has 4gb of ram and a sick video card with dedicated 1gb ram? Pick this baby up.

Not everyone has the room or use for a desktop. For every person like us with a desktop and a netbook, there’s ten people that want only one system. :v

I gotta second, or third the Asus choice. I have an Asus G50 laptop and I have had it for almost a year now… LOVE IT!

For the money I don’t think there’s a better laptop available. It is a great computer and I have been able to play any game I throw at it, but I’m not a huge gamer. WoW ran with everything maxed like a champ. My wife plays The Sims 3 with all of the settings on high and it runs smooth.

I had a Acer and hated it, bought an HP and it was a good work laptop but not a gaming laptop.

Asus “Republic of Gamer” line of laptops have a budget price but great performance.

I got a NY VAIO FW Series VGNFW450JB 16.4" Laptop, It is strong enough to run some games (even on the top end games).

That Asus laptop looks pretty savage. I think that will run Diablo 3 WHENEVER it comes out AT LEAST on medium-high settings. That graphics card seems like it’ll last you a pretty good while. I’d say 3 years or so; playing games at medium-low/low settings towards the very end of its life. Lots of people like to play on ALL high, ALL the time, but I think I’m more in your boat. I love Valve and Blizzard because their games would be the only ones that would work on my shitty, usually hand-me-down computer that I’d get from my parents. Anyway, I’m sure SC2 and D3 will run on that Asus laptop when they come out. And knowing those two companies I’m sure you’ll have plenty of money to save up for a new laptop before SC 3 or D4 come out. lol.