(is this legal?) Finally a way to settle those arguments with MM's (or just make money)


Website for online challenge matches, for pay

Online of course, but still.

Everyone always says this kind of thing is illegal gambling, but they insist its’ not, and its an interesting concept. Would people actually do this, given all the troubles with online play?

I saw it 'because I’m totally a seanbaby fanboy


(its general gaming, so it might belong in the other forum, feel free to move it)


sounds neat…

where does mvc2 fit into all of this


I just found it like 10 minutes ago… afaik, you and the other guy both sign up, you challenge him, he agrees, you both put cash in, and the winner gets the total (no idea if they charge a % (you’d think they must) or are ad-driven.

Hard part for something like marvel (or any fighting game) honestly would be getting somebody to actually play you there, or it seems to me. It’ll probably be bigger for COD and that crap.


hmm…yeah, getting someone to put money in would be a challenge. also, how do you prove who won


I wouldn’t want to give Sean any more money.


You make it sound like you have a story to tell!!

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I see that they have sf4 on the website,but its online so ppl gonna lag to win. =x