Is this mod legal?


I wanted a mod, which registers one of the buttons as ‘down’ on my arcade stick. It is so I can whiff punish with sweep easier. But a modder told me he could not do it because it is illegal. Though I could not find any rules mentioning it. Why is illegal? Pad players can input simultaneous directions, using the dpad combined with the anolag. Also hitbox players use a button for ‘down’. How is my request any different.

Question for modders

Rofl, as long as it’s not a macro function add-in board (think one-button standing 720 input), no tourney will give two sh!ts if you add a second “down” input. If you’re talking about physically modding your joystick? You can do whatever you want so long as you’re not actively trying to “reverse engineer” things, especially for profit. Your modder is full of it.

If you’re really worried, you can simply ask whatever tourney/local if they’ll allow it much like they do for button boxes. I can guarantee you with 99.99% certainty that no one will care.


In regards to your requested mod, it sits in a grey area.
Also various tournaments have different rules regarding what you can and do.

Overall mapping any input to any other input is generally Okay. It allows for custom layouts and unique controllers. Like you have have LK where HP would go.
Under this provision Hit box style controllers are allowed.

And controllers that are SOCD capable are not banned as you said your self the typical Sony or Microsoft controller can accomplish this with the d-pad and left analog.
What is illegal is taking advantage of SOCD in a game, like the issues than arose in Vanilla MVC3.

There was also ALOT of controversy with a player who did won a tournament with a very similar mod on his stick. I think the modder who you spoke too made the right call, as I would also decline the job.
Even if the mod legal in the tournaments you might go to, it raise too many questions and too many accusations if you did win a match.


Which tourney? Which game? Who was the player? If it was MvC3, I saw vids of the “auto-block” (L+R) where people questioned button box setups. But did anyone really just out-right dominate? I could understand a situation where someone who has 1/10 the skill of Justin Wong coming out and “exploiting” some setup to climb the ranks a bit, but I’ve never seen anything regarding “omg, it’s completely broken, and some noob just won vs a straight up pro player”.

Just saying, another “down” input is extremely low on the “exploit” factor.


That was not as much of an issue on the PS3 and people took steps to mitigate it pretty quickly. The community - at large - decided it was cheating and people didn’t go to far with it.

In settings where SOCD controllers are legal, taking advantage of SOCD is typically legal. (Otherwise there are enforceability problems.) Despite being allowed, it’s considered cheating, so people self-enforced.

Button-to-direction mappings are among the least controversial of mods. Under current rules that mod would be legal at Evo and most events in the US.


Thanks guys. I’ll talk to a different modder. Does anyone know the price range for this mod? Is this a difficult mod?


Assuming you’re not drilling another hole into your joystick and simply swapping out an “excess” button, it shouldn’t be too bad. It’s a 5-10min mod and shouldn’t cost you more than $5.


A second button for a direction I think is OK, the issue stems from having one button tied to two inputs, which was a recent hot topic just before UFGT.


I have an eight button stick and wanted the ‘lb button’ to be ‘down’. But can I drill a hole and add an extra button? Is that legal?


Perfectly legal.

However, you probably don’t need LB anyway, and it’ll be one of the more accessible options, so I’d just use it.


Nothing is legal, everything is like walking vs flying.



And suddenly the thread turned into a T. Hawk discussion…


Pretty sure DarkSakul was referring to FullSchedule’s (aka Derrike Nunn) stick at FinalRound 17 in March which looked like this:

With Left+Up and Right+Up button binds (not macros) above his other 8 buttons.

FullSchedule went as far as getting explicit permission to use the stick in the (EDIT: UMvC3) tourney from the TOs, but after making it into the top 8 and shutting out Golden Boy Neo some of the other top 8’s kicked up a fuss, namely Justin Wong.

Before continuing in the top 8, Full Schedule was asked to disable the 2 extra buttons. Pretty sure he went on to beat J-Wong 3-1 and finish above him in the tourney without the two additional buttons anyway.

The whole thing was a mess. After allowing him into the tourney with his weird hitbox set-up, they shouldn’t have then went back on their word, but likewise, they shouldn’t have really let the stick roll in the first place imo. Hitbox-style button layouts are still a grey area in general, since you can input multiple directional commands at once.

I think Full Schedule would have still shut out Golden Boy Neo and done fine in FR17 without the mod, but those 2 buttons essentially put a target on his back the moment he started winning.

Think everyone’s free to experiment, but wouldn’t personally put anything like that on a stick I was planning on using in a tourney.


Wait, he had a stick and directional inputs also bound to attack buttons at the same time? What’s the advantage? Other than not missing/messing up your attack input command.


He was using it to do instant air burn kicks. He says he didn’t even use them against Justin in the first place. Salty’s gonna salt.


But in my case I am not double binding buttons with an attack. I just want to map an unused button to ‘down’. That should be legal right?


its all over man, do whatever you want


Pretty sure the same complaint would have came about if he had simply right and left buttons positioned there. His stick was legal until it upset JWong lol. Extra directional inputs are extra directional inputs and are always going to rub people up the wrong way.
Like you said in the OP, you’re making something “easier”. Personally, I wouldn’t want the hassle/attention.

If its for a specific location, speak to the TO’s about it. Don’t just go by your own interpretation of the local rules, because you may get stung if you get it wrong.


Thank you, I was trying to remember who it was I wanted trying to refer too.

FullSchedule’s stick was legal at FinalRound but the same stick would not be legal at Evo.
Every tournament have their own rules, and what passes and want don’t.

You also run into the problem of other players getting salty and complaining and like what happen with FullSchedule have the TO go back on there word/ previous judgement call.
This can be damaging to both the player and modder who could lose more business than just that initial job.

I think the initial modder who talked to Ahbee made the right call and I would as well.


IMO, it looks worse for the TO that showed complete favoritism for a veteran player in a blatantly obvious way. He understood what the stick was from the get go and didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Then completely flip flops when Justin and Champ(?) complain about it for no good reason.