Is this neutral zone normal for a JLF stick?


I bought a used MadCatz TE first round. I replaced the button switches, which now work like new, but I’m not sure if I need to do anything about the JLF joystick. See these gifs where I sensually finger my joystick (NSFW):

Those gifs show the maximum distance I can move my joystick without it activating.

Based on these gifs, is this neutral/deadzone normal? Or is there something I should fix? And if so, what parts do I need?


A stock jlf has a large neutral zone. You can tighten up the engage distance with an oversized actuator, I recommend the kowal actuator because it also reduces throw. Or better yet, get a Seimitsu lever- I prefer the 56, others here favor the 40.


just chiming in on Seimitsu: went from JLF to Hayabusa, to Seimitsu with no looking back. I actually prefer a 40 for charge characters and the 56 for motion characters or just in general.