Is this new? (A- Bison)


I was in training mode w/ A Bison messing around. My opponent was Dan in the London stage. Something strange occured that i have never seen before. I was on the left side of the stage, almost in the corner and the next sequence of events go like this:

Activate… [HP THROW… D.HK] … s.lp… to corner … DP x 10

after the throw i was able to juggle Dan with the slide and continue the custom combo, after the sweep, the combo counter read 2 hits. Is this technically possible?


EDIT: I thought he was talking about PTF. Sorry everyone! ;^^


Old? :rofl:

Krimson, Dan just did a tactical recover and Bison hit him with D.HK + s.lp :chat:

Is not technically possible, sorry :sweat:


it was on a training dummy that did not recover tactically, also combos cant be continued after your opponent recover tactically… can it?


Vids or it didn’t happen.

But seriously, seeing as how you’re saying that you still needed to do some j.HK’s to get to the corner after the throw-sweep, you were throwing Dan mid-screen and if you just throw someone midscreen a slide won’t reach them cuz the throw sends them further away than the slide can reach. I call this one busted, though I’d love to be wrong but I doubt it.


this game would be 100% ruined if this became true somehow


i have no videos and have never been able to replicate it, it couldve been completely random or the timing is too tight to actually apply in a match

also, this was on the xbox version, it could be console specific but i doubt it


Are you serious? That doesnt work.

It has to be the HK throw you dummy… HK!