Is this new Evil Ryu technology?


Today I was shown this replay by a fella I know called CrMk Skillzie, because just like me he was utterly confused how he linked 2 CR MP’s in to a CR MK. Personally I’ve never seen this done, nor did I think it was possible. Is this technology already known? Or is this now newly discovered?



It’s counter hit.


I was told the counter hit CR MP was tested and isn’t how the CR MK linked.



Look at how late that 2nd mp hit. That’s all.


You can see how the second cr strong hit funny, must have been blankas weird hibox and the last active frames.


i was told linking the from a was not possible? due to evil ryu not being able to link into it?.. i believe its just a 1off bug/glitch, iv asked people and they’ve tried counter hit,,…they said it does NOT work? 2people said you might be able to do it on meaty IF the start up frames on was faster? everyone iv spoke to have said its not possible… someone with proof of why this linked for me pleasee reply


Blanka hurtbox shenanigans.


Mid combo meaty.

Watch @ 6m50s for an example with AE Ryu:


Tried to replicate it as well couldnt do it… I do know Blankas got a strange hurtbox and normal Ryu can land 3 cr.MP on him.


It hit meaty, that’s all. It can’t normally be linked unless it’s a counterhit or a meaty


i can now do set ups to link into,… this set up is counterhit mp, hit meaty on the last frame then mk will always connect same as axe kick to thanks for postins this raiden it made me think of new tricks and counterhit setups (y)