Is this normal behavior?



I’ve recently made the switch from pad to joystick, and have a problem doing cammy’s super.

Even though I seem to press the kick button once, I seem to do a canon spike and then my super will trigger.

Is this normal?


Training mode + Input display

Sorry i really dont want to be rude, but you made a whole thread for this?

Jesus christ man…


I’m in training mode right now and it’s only showing one kick, and the proper input.


Let go of the kick button faster. It’s called negative edge, I believe. Releasing buttons count as button presses.


prob negative edging the kick by accident. which means the release of the button rather than the press is activating something. try tapping the button once quickly to speed up release instead of “pressing” it. oh yeah and in this game if your input doesn’t end at least on the horizontal you’re screwed. so try to emphasize the upward motion when doing moves that end in qcf.


I’m not sure why some noob mod moved this to Cammy forums. This doesn’t seem character specific at all.


sorry if i posted in the wrong forum. Didnt know where to ask this question.


No prob man I think there’s a general Cammy question thread or something like that haha. That seems like a good a place to ask. That’s where I ask all my stupid questions haha. Not that yours is stupid it’s a very good question…never mind you get it haha. Good luck with that man!

Edit: I know there is that thread I meant I think that’s a good place to ask that question.


I’m not sure if your issue is that you’re trying to do cannon spike and cannon spike -> super comes out, or if you’re trying to do super and you get a cannon spike first.

If you’re trying to do a cannon spike and getting cannon spike -> super, you’re probably going to forward at some point after the down forward - this + negative edge is what’s causing the problem.

If you’re trying to do super and cannon spike is coming out instead, then you probably both recently hit forward (before starting the input), and messed up the super input somehow (probably by not going all the way to forward with your quarter circle).