Is this normal for the human body?

My left foot is about 1 inch shorter than my right. And my left leg is weaker; I can stand and balance on one foot (my right foot) and stand on my tip-toes while doing so easily. But its much harder to balance on my left foot. And stand on left tip-toes is pretty much impossible.

The king has returned

No, not normal, son. May seem to not be relevant at first but I need to know: in the last 5 generations, have your relatives had divorces with children involved, or has anyone in your family tree in the past been knocked up via a sperm bank? No lulz, promise.

Why, yes that’s normal.

The human body is not symmetrical.

He is confusing his hands with his feet.

BeGuiled’s most symmetrical aspect is his complete and utter lack of both left and right frontal lobes of the brain.

This is the less embarrassing of the two manners of full-frontal nudity wherein he displays absolutely nothing.

If you say so , LOL

So this is the infamous Beguiled, huh?

why do i feel like I’m in the presence of a poster I should feel something for.

Ennui is Beguiled.

Yeah, they’re the signs you look out for to see if you are bitchmade or not.

Unfortunately for you you tested positive.

Become a ninja. Ninjas can do everything with one leg.

So…you’re saying that if someone asked him if he wanted a Kindle, he’d reply “I AM one!”?

Its lupus.

It’s never Lupus

I came out of Ducky’s 5 star porn thread and somehow was expecting this thread to be about prolapsed anus.

its normal for post09ers :coffee:

The alterations to your pants will cost $79.99 now because of this abnormal mutation you have. I know right? Damn the normies who can just 42 long and stuff like that off the rack and be on their way.