Is this normal? (MC Cthulhu on Gamecube/Wii question)


Hey guys,

So I may have not looked well enough, but I certainly tried searching for information on this for a little while. I am trying to play my TE stick with the MC Cthulhu and Imp mod on the wii (just bought TvC). Anyways, when I plugged it in with it on DP it wouldn’t read. However, when I plugged it in on RS it read. I was under the impression that you only put it on the RS mode when trying to get it to read on the Xbox 360. If I misunderstood then no big deal. I just want to make sure that this is correct because I have read horror stories where someones PCB’s fried because something was wrong. I just want to make sure I am in the clear. Thanks guys!


Shouldnt matter for GC. Dont sweat it and use whatever works; chance of hurting anything is nil.


Excellent. Good to know. I just didn’t want to mess anything up trying to play on the Wii via Gamecube cable :smiley: Thanks Toodles!


it depends how was it modded… if it was modded with imp working with the LS/DP/RS Switch, then you have to turn it to some side to get the McCthulhu working :wink: