Is this normal? (new hrap3 sometimes does not work)

I have used Hori FS3’s for a while (mostly for Soul Caliber 4) but when I switched to playing SF4, I wanted to upgrade my stick as well. (well that, and I broke the fs3 by accidently spilling beer on it).

I ordered a HRAP3, it just got delivered this morning. When I turn the PS3 on I get the message about needing to press the PS button to activate a controller, and nothing happens.

I hit the home button about 50 times, and nothing happens. I hit other buttons, move the stick, nothing.

I come back 5 minutes later and the stick is working.

I also ordered some new buttons, sanwa obsf30’s, and a new balltop. I’m not a button snob, but I considered them a nice long term investment and I like the color better than the red, so it’s all good.

How much time would you think would be appropriate to use the stick as is, before messing around with putting the new buttons on?

I bought it from an ebay seller, one of the price hike specialists, so I’m sure I have no warranty anyway. Although they may be willing to exchange the stick, provided I don’t rip it open first.

Not normal. You need to call Hori. New Sanwa buttons will do nothing with the home buttons issue or the PCB. And once you open it, Hori might say that the warranty is void. It’s probably better for them to fix it first and then you put the new buttons in.

After careful examination, I discovered that giving the joystick a good smack cures it up. I’ll sit on it for a week or so and see if I have any problems. There’s probably a loose solder connection or something.

I went ahead and put the new buttons and balltop in though. There is no way they could tell it was even opened up, since there is no service sticker, and the bolts are not even painted.

Having to smack an electronic to make it work is not an acceptable fix imo. See if hori will check it out.