Is this possible for yun..?



is it possible for yun to keep an opponent in SNK juggle by following his you-hou (qcbx2+p) with a jab shoulder charge, super jump canceled into an immediate dive kick, followed with another shoulder charge… repeat?


No, but it is possible to do something similar with s.forward for an extended period of time.

Something like DP+strong, [s.forward, sj cancel, whiff short dive kick]xN

If you have it, watch the match from last year’s Evo, Ken vs Combofiend; in the second match, Ken does this to Combofiend’s Chun-li, though he doesn’t repeat, he just relaunches and ends the combo.


u can’t keep launching…
after yoohoo, u can do the jab shoulder move, into standing mk, then sj. divekick, but thats it!
the divekick hits them out of the stun, so what i usually do is an overhead after the divekick, or if u are in the corner just do command grab
This CVS2! NOT 3s!


Whoops, edited my last post. Shoulder ram is DP+P, not QCF+P… but I’m sure you knew that.

Keep in mind, you have to WHIFF the dive kick to relaunch…

Accomplishing that takes hitting them out of the air with a shoulder ram; or a clean hit with You-Hou.
You can cancel his L2 rush super into jab shoulder ram, or you can end a CC with shoulder ram… either way, it should pop them up high enough that the short dive kick will whiff, giving you time to relaunch.

Try it out some more.
If you’re afraid you’re wasting your time, watch the Ken vs. Combofiend video from denjinvideo, and see Ken do shoulder ram, s.forward sj cancel, whiff short dive kick, s.forward sj cancel, sj.RH on Combofiend’s Chun-li.