Is this possible??



Can you do Solar Plex into Shinku hadouken? And if so is it character specific? Reason I am asking is because iv’e been trying to do it on Chun Li and just can’t get it.


yes… if you do some kysg juggle combo, or as a meaty into super.

if you’re looking for overhead into super set-ups i would try to find a few normals that i could do then uoh link into super. For example two crouching light normals ( if they hit cancel into super) take an extremely small step back then do uoh into super.


solar plexus is f+hp. it’s a dumb name that SF4 players use and now everybody calls it that. i just say “ryu’s gut punch,” but whatever.

shinsho and ex srk link on standers, regular srk links on crouchers. shinkuu would probably never link unless you hit a croucher meaty or it stuns them. frankly, f+hp does not need to be used in 3S.


i’m not gonna lie I don’t know how i forgot that move existed ( i know the name and i use it a bit more often then i should in ST because i can combo off it)


Lol I don’t play that much SF4 but I called it solar plex because that’s where it hits lol just saying…


Yes, hit it meaty. Same concept as comboing shinkuu hadoken off of toward + medium punch overhead.


Vid plz…never seen that…ive tried it before…never comboed…


It’s a really simple link. One of the front page best of 3rd strike posts had an example with a ryu player doing it to a dudley during corner pressure. Whiff the first hit, hit the 2nd hit meaty, shinkuu hadoken. Or come to regency fun center sometime in Los Angeles and I can show you. Or ask gootecks, because I landed it on him.


at 2:28. Not the juggles. Watch the timing as Q gets up from the stun.

At 3:55, on the remy touch of death, combo using toward + fierce. The combo as remy gets up from stun, not the juggle one.