Is this really true?

Do you need to hold down the button (laser, hp) for the unblockable to be, unblockable? One person told me that you have to. I’m pretty sure the unblockable works on imcoming characters, say after cable’s scimitar hits or commando ect, but do you have to hold it down after a corner combo? (launch, magic, rp, hp, pause, hk, pause, unblockable)


No kidding? I’ve done the unblockable before without holding it…

nop, i dont think that you have to hold it down.well at least i do the unblockable without holding it.

as long as sent does his cr. hp even w/o holding down, you can do the unblockable…

i never hold it down and it works


so ur doing the standing hp?

He meant the button.

Obviously you cant fly or rocket punch or super cancel it too early, but i never hold the buttons down.

lol, i just realized i hold down the button for all slow moves, like sents mouth beam, and doom’s jumping hp. and if i am air dashing with doom or ironman i hold it down until they finish dashing. none of those characters are my mains so whatever

LoL, yeah me too. but the weird thing is, this is a 2yr. bump.