Is this SNK's greatest game?

I think SNKP not only recaptured the magic that was lost since the Neo Geo days but finally outdid themselves with KoFXIII, reaching a pinnacle above the likes of Samurai Shodown II, KoF98, and Garou. It really feels like a special return to form.

I think it’s one of them. It’s subjective, but I CAN see people thinkin it’s the best.

MOW is the greatest SNK fighter in my eyes.

ready the shields

Actually I’m not very fond of Playmore, but THIS game returned me hope.
Hope that they’ll do sequel to MotW… Now there is possibility for them to do it right. I just want to see Freeman once again… T_T
There’s no way they’ll include him in KoF. It seems KoF is all about older characters now >_>

Battle Of The Personal Opinions.

From my perspective, SNK has so many great fighting games; If you every spent alot of time with a the various majority of great fighting games SNK made. You"d probably mindfuck yourself trying to pick a favorite…as I’ve just accomplished.

But from a business perspective yea. This is probably the most successful SNK game, plus the fact that the fighting game era is strong atm. However, greatest SNK game…thats your choice.

It’s good, but not their best.

Vanilla 98 is their greatest game imo. 2K2UM looks like it may be even better but I’ve never had a chance to play it. I’d place several KOFs ahead of 13, it’s kinda towards the bottom of the “good” KOFs to me. Not a huge fan of the long combos and the homogenization of the cast with far more characters getting high damage off cr.B than in older games, EX moves giving characters tools they didn’t need, etc. Is it the best thing out right now though? Sure.

It’s definitely up there. I’m not sure I like it more than XI or 2k2UM, but it’s easily one of their best.

It’s way too early to start slinging around terms like “greatest” for KOF XIII.

That said, I really think this is one of the most solid KOFs they’ve ever put out. Ranks up there with 98/2k2/XI in my book. Really one of the few good examples I’ve ever seen of a 2D game changing its mechanics to be more “accessible” (auto-dash on HD activation, more juggle-oriented combo structure rather than a dozen lightning-fast ground cancels, shortcuts that actually make sense) without actually degenerating at the competitive level. And on top of all that, they didn’t drop the ball or just shuffle deck chairs rebalancing it for console – the game actually got objectively, quantifiably BETTER.

This is the game 12 should have been, and then some. I for one will do my damnedest to blow this game up locally to reflect the national recognition it deserves.

<---- I am going to have to say no because well of that.

MotW is still the best SNK game in my personal opinion, though SSVS and KOF 98 came close.

But I agree with those who say, that KOFXIII captured some of the old 98 magic. For the first time in a long while, I think, that KOF finally feels like a game made with a lot of love again. Everything fits, the backgrounds with the chars and no chars getting special graphical treatment. They also tried no experiments regarding established chars movesets. He was not bad, but I hated what they did to Takuma in KOF 2002 for example. The roster feels right and only few favorites are left out.

Its the best for me. Love KoF13!

Vanilla 98 (and KoF 97 because of history), Garou MoW, Last Blade, KoF XI and KoF XIII for me :slight_smile:

I Forgot about the Metal Slug series but we are talking about fighting games :confused:

Garou is better imo, but that’s just because I prefer that game’s playstyle to KOF games in general.

Greatest SNK game? Debatable. Greatest SNKP game? Definitely.

I’m probably one of the few people who has a negative opinion of MotW, lol.

Personally I’d put this up with 98/UM and 2k2UM as a KoF game worth playing.

Doesn’t quite have that same magic for me as MOW or Samsho2, but if KOFXIII is any indication of the quality of games SNK is going to be shooting for…the future looks glorious

Pretty sure that title goes to Real Bout 2.

Seems pretty contentious when 2K2UM exists.