Is this SSF4 AE board legit?


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This is a SSF4 AE board that says it takes only one board for two players!!! When I saw this I was super excited but when I read the description it says it’s from China. It made me a little skeptical because I know they make bootlegs in China. But they do make good bootlegs. It’s still Taito Type X2 so it’s probably legit.

If this board is legit and you only have to buy one cabinet to play two players it’s like probably the best invention since sliced bread.

They’re asking $7,195usd for it. Not bad considering the regular price before.


just found this… Taito Type X2 Versus Kit Available in Arcade Spare Parts | News Stories | Arcade Spare Parts


Apparently one of the locations in the Beijing uses a similar setup, but I’ve been too busy studying to get hands on with it. I’ve been wondering myself whether it is legit. The other location here is head to head.


I dunno if that one in particular is legit, but I did hear they were making 2 player boards for the overseas market (mainly US).


I read the description and it says that this item enables one taito type 2 board to run on two cabinets. I don’t think this item applies to this two player board. But I’m not sure as well. The traditional setup for Vanilla and AE requires two boards and two cabinets to play two players against each other. Greedy Capcom required two of everything just so you could battle each other. If you only had one board, all you could do was play the computer. But thanks for posting this since I want to know what’s out there:)

Cool at least someone who wrote on this thread may have access to this board and may observe it first hand. If you ever get the chance, I know you’re busy with school, please report back here your observations if you ever play a setup that can play two players in one cabinet:)

Ya a lot of my buddies were talking about this also. If they’re smart Capcom would release this before the dlc on console.