Is this stick moddable?


Hello, I’m new to the forum and I want to know if this stick is moddable. ( its a HORI SLPH-00002 ) Also, this is the only stick that’s available to me.


Yes its moddable.


Is it mod-friendly? Also, how big of a size those buttons are?


with enough effort anything is moddable, really.

those buttons look like 30mm


yowsa, i never would have the thought the hype was THAT overwhelming for newbies to go hog wild on modding ALL sticks. scary :looney::wasted:


The buttons are 30mm.

It’s reasonably easy to fit a JLF in there, though you need to cut a bit of metal from the mounting plate to avoid a screw well.

Don’t remove all of the bracing well closest to the JLF mounting plate, as there’s only around 1mm of clearance and if you have heavy hands you could find yourself pushing down and the stick shaft scraping the bottom panel.

May be possible to dual pcb if the one you put under the buttons is PSX digital size.



SF is back with a vengeance.