Is this team good enough for Vergil?

Magneto,Vergil and Wesker

Id switch Wesker and Magneto around. The way you have it set up now if Magneto dies Vergil has nothing to keep his mixup attempts safe, sure you get dark wesker out of it but XF3 Mags is almost as scary as Dark Wesker and is a better anchor when it comes down to an honest fight.

Thanks alot :smiley:

Definitely put Magneto last, his beam assist is just too good for ground based characters like Vergil and Wesker and will add crazy mix up situations. Yeah you lose Dark Wesker but Wesker with magneto assist can be just as deadly with the same going with Vergil. Put Vergil second or on point depending on how you want to play him

Thanks also this should be some use to me

It’s a nice team. I’d hit it.

Edit: With Dante’s Sword.