Is this the greatest match in the history of forever?


This has to be.




daigo vs justin 3S

This is “greatest match ever”, not “most overrated match ever”.

Indeed, this.

i ended up watching every single one…

Or this: [media=youtube]DfinEA1Cuj8[/media]

or [media=youtube]VjC8XWWkOkI&feature=related[/media]

or maybe… well just for the Kim pwnage [media=youtube]poJHP_NYn9Q[/media]

There has to be a learning disability among one of those 2 individuals.

That match was god awful until the parry. Just another turtling Chun. Like we haven’t seen that before.

I have a lot to learn…

Skip to 1:45

Deejay vs Ken Round 1



A new challenger appears.

the ken came back and won the match (showing that’s he halfway decent) so why the hell did he start the match with a fierce shoryuken?? Well whatever the reason Deejay punished him HARD for it =p

This right here is the best match you’ll ever see, I promise.


OMG This is so funny, dude on the right acting like he snapping so hard LmAO!!! This is exactly what happens when the Good players walk up and wonder why the controls suck so bad.

You sir, have just won.

That was damn funny

I did not expect to laugh as hard as I did.

couple of contribultions:



2.35 onwards.