Is this the right JLF stick replacement for my TE?

The actual stick part of my TE hasn’t been as responsive as it should be. If I were to replace the stick part of it, would this be the right thing?

If not, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks guys.

that is a direct replacement yes… but what do you mean “hasnt been as responsive”… it feels loose? it isnt registering a direction? a little more detail and we might be able to save you some money…

BlindWithOneArm, he links JLF-TM-8, not JLF-TP-8.
Would not be able to use Wire Harness with one he linked.

haha I stand corrected! could of swore I saw TP-8YT

Good idea to just figure out what needs to be replaced in the stick instead of replace the whole thing. Would be much better to just pay a few dollars than twenty four for replacement parts.

Well, for example, sometimes when I do the hadouken motion, shoryuken comes out. Or in MVC3 when I’m doing a magic series with wolverine a random berserker slash comes out even when I did not input that command. I think the stick might be overly sensititve from the left side. I highly doubt this is just execution errors on my behalf.

You guys saying I should send it in to Mad Catz rather than getting the JLF TP 8?

Could just be negative edge and the easier inputs.

Instead of spending 23 dollars on a whole new JLF why not just buy a JLF replacement PCB and maybe a new spring?

Hard to say, did you have someone else who plays also use the arcade stick?

Is your warranty still good?

Makes sense

One thing to check for before the switches could be the actuator. It’s probably more likely that the actuator is deformed than the switches being defective.