Is this useful?

cr.MK -> LK Hazanshou ?

i use it every once and a while when im trying to corner trap and get something to connect, it has worked out well for me and was wondering if anyone else uses this? i know its not that safe but i think its a pretty good surprise attack since it goes from a crouching attack that has to be blocked low to an overhead that cant be blocked low.

the movement i do on the stick is :r: :df: :d: :mk: :db: :l: :lk:

try it out and let me know what you think. it will most likely work on someone who isnt expecting it

Sure I guess it works, sometimes. But you shouldn’t use it to often, just throw it out once in while for greater mix-up.

people will start parrying it very, very quick, as it is not that fast =[

it’s very useful, I get hit by it a lot…it basically a free low forward, in which case I have to revert back to OG mentality which is finding something that beats it as opposed to parrying it…just do low forward and if you see it get parried, do the lk hazanshu and it becomes useful…suppose ken low parries it, he does low forward into super, your hazanshu goes over his low forward and hits him

OR, the ken waits, and does ume c.hp :0

It’s good when used sparingly. The timing is deceptive when people are used to just looking out for your c.MK’s all the time. If you start spamming it 2 and 3 times a round though…yeah it’ll get parried down.