Is this video considered poor play in SSF4?

At 1st i thought i was being super cheep playing like this(i made the clip last night with that mind set) but i’m starting to think its a legit play style just like the sagat that spams fireballs hehe

what do you think?


I think that wont work against anyone with a clue.

lol doing cross ups aren’t cheap. You’re just playing at a very low level of people who don’t know how to block it.

@kevfactor: I watched the first match and I couldn’t stand to watch any more. My philosophy is, “I’ll stop doing it when it stops working.” If you’re playing a foe who doesn’t block jump in crossup, abuse the heck out of it until he/she starts blocking it and punishing you. But, be aware that this is a very scrubby strategy (no hate, just facts) and will fail against more people than it will work.

that is not a legit style and someone who knows how to block and play will punish and tear dat ass up.

also get that mindset of cheap=bad outta yo head.

tho i admit it was funny seeing someone not blocking lol.

This. If you win the match, you played better than your opponent, period. Short of a button failing, a person having a seizure or something, etc., there aren’t any excuses in my book for, “Oh, I’m actually better than that guy, he just played like a scrub.” The game is the game, it doesn’t play favorites. There is NOTHING that anyone can do that another player can’t (short of high-level execution, but that can be achieved with practice and training). Cheap is unfair advantage. Abusing a simple tactic like this…I don’t think that’s cheap, because the other guy could pick the same character and do the exact same thing. It’s perfectly fair.

i’ll admit im a scrub lol. but your right that has been one problem for me of i guess not taking advantage of what’s working in a fight becuase throwing more than one Fireball is “cheap”. actually think going to try to improve dejay with more low punch throwing and more timed jump fakes.

also ya part of the point of the vid was just being funny with thecross ups lol :slight_smile:

This is a scrub mentality right here. Calling effective and legit tactics cheap because someone finds them annoying and doesn’t want to figure out how to get around them.

Being a scrub has nothing to do with the level of skill, it has to do with the mindset.

Skill has more to do with the term “noob”