Is this Wacom a good deal?

denoysis got me looking into wacoms now, and i found one on ebay, i always wanted/needed a wacom tablet, so is this a good price? and is it good enough for coloring needs?


Haven’t really used it much myself, but I’m told is a good way to find deals. Give it a try.

Edit: Oh, and yes, Graphires are great for your coloring needs. Which isn’t to say that other tablets are not, but I know for a fact that Graphires are great.

It all depends on your Budget, how much you are looking to spend, if the 6x8 is only like 50bucks more(we all know Ebay the Wheels and deals), or something to that matter- pick that up instead, all in all its an INVESTMENT. You can pick up the 4x5 use it, then sell it later on ebay when you wish to upgrade…the Graphite is the most popular choice, and one that most artists ive talked with can relate to.:slight_smile:

I think a graphire is a good choice. I still miss my old one. I have used an intuos and a graphire. To my knowledge they both can do the same thing.

Intuos has the edge in size, feel, and sensitivity, but I have seen some amazing stuff with the graphire. Only reason I upgraded because I was a whore.

Remember this though, a hundred and 150 dollar shoes, new gear and a new basketball won’t make you a better basketball player. Any tablet is WAY better than a mouse though. I think you should go for it.

I think you mean a hundred and 50. thanks for the tablet nigga. Btw having any tablet is better than a mouse, just like shoes>sandals when you’re hooping.

:confused: whats wrong with 150? Only fobs hoop in sandals.

You’re right Dreaded I said a hundred and 150 haha.

BAHAHAHAHAHA, it’s soooo true.

One of the downsides to the Graphire used to be that it only came in 4x5, and you would have to buy an Intuos for a larger one. But the new Graphire 3 comes in 4x5 and 6x8 sizes(and an assortment of colors) To my knowledge they generally run about $100 more. I want a 6x8 to replace my 4x5 so bad :frowning: but it would be an unwise use of my money, since my 4x5 works fine for me.

thx everyone, and yeah i bet a tablet is way better than a mouse, and im kinda sick of coloring with my mouse, i think imma get that one so 4x5 is just fine right? is 6x8 any differnt? or its just give more work space?

im willin to spend at the most 100 bucks, that is all :stuck_out_tongue:

so true about them shoes sfmc:lol: