Is this what an adrenaline rush is like?

The other day, I was playing around with Street Fighter 2, SF Alpha, and SF3 games. I must have put several total hours between them over the course of the day. And by the late afternoon, I felt like a feather dancing in the wind (or some better simile than that). As I was fighting the CPU, I was pulling out hadokens alot faster, almost subconcously, getting more aggressive (I’m usually too defensive) and generally feeling like my fingers and the character himself were more light and nimble. It did improve my game, but not by a whole lot because I still haven’t broken the habit of button mashing the medium/hard punches and kicks when I get close. But I didn’t care. It felt like I was more in tune with the game itself. Do you ever get that feeling when playing SF?

cut down on those energy drinks man.

Yes. Not as often as I’d like, though.

It’s cool. I’m always focusing on releasing my endorphins.

Is this even a noob question?

Wooosh, I’m made out of tornadoes!

I think of an adrenaline rush is more like when I’d go out to local meetups to play and my legs would shake so bad I couldn’t hold my stick still in my lap. Kinda hard to focus on playing competitively when you can’t keep basic motor functions under control :rofl: