Is this what you want YOUR five-year-old learning about sex?

Sex education: Do you want your 5-year old child ‘given explicit lessons’¿? | Mail Online

Maybe some of the verbiage used in the illustrations are a bit graphic for a five year old, but I’m not entirely against this if it’s presented to children that are slightly older.

Nope. When my boy is 5, if the idea of sex even crosses his mind, he’s getting hit in the back of the head. It’s that simple. And if someone introduces the idea to him, they’ll get hit in the back of their head.

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The concept of introducing sex education to 5 year olds is ridiculous but if that isn’t good enough of an argument than I say it stems from the belief that kids are going to be exposed to sex in one way or another sooner rather then later anyways so why not let it be from the instructors? The problem with this assumption is that it’s an assumption that essentially gambles with the lives of little kids. Sure we live in an overly sexual world full of things little kids shouldn’t be exposed to but assuming that they will be prematurely means you sacrifice the possibility of your kid growing up with a “normal” exposure to sex.

Also there’s always the (IMO reliable) chance that exposing kids to concepts and pictures they never imagined at such an early age will backfire and get them to fuck at earlier ages. If kids of certain ages aren’t mentally developed enough to have sexual impulses what makes people think these same kids will have the capacity to listen to what their teachers told them not to do even though there parents did?

Tell a kid don’t think about elephants and what happens?

I am all for education over denial. I know too many people who didn’t have the birds and bees talk that ended up with children.

Education is prevention.

Because of a school-wide sex talk at an early age (maybe 6 or 7?), I thought everybody who had sex got AIDS and died and that every girl eventually spontaneously became pregnant. That was really helpful.

I would hate to be the artist having to draw all those images. That’s work I would have to burn before it ever reached my portfolio.

Oh and to stay on topic, I agree with Mr.Zoolander.

At 5? Children need to start knowing before they hit puberty, so at around 9-10. Nothing wrong with people knowing what their bodies are going through and why.

ah abstinence, you only serve to make the world a worse place.

meh @ education is prevention. Parenting is prevention. The real issue isn’t wether or not the kids are educated on matters. the problem is too many parents let the TV babysit their kids and teach their kids, verse them being the teachers.

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not at five years old.

five is probably WAY too young. I learned when I was in grade 3, and I still remember the fucked up book my parents got me. Looked like some sort of Robert Munsch book

from the article:

Thats classic. We’re gonna have a crazy sex hungry nation in the future

You mean they don’t randomly get pregnant? WTF?

Yea 5 is probably a little young. doubt they can even comprehend the material much less get anything out it.

The threat of a belt/punishment might help. In general, I don’t think kids have much of a problem just doing what they’re told because they know they can get in trouble if they don’t. Legally kids aren’t allowed to drink alcohol either but if their parents are doing it, what’s stopping the child from grabbing a cold one from the fridge?

You’d have to be pretty sneaky like I was to fool around as a kid.

5 is WAY too early for the kids to even slightly grasp these concepts. I remember back in the day we didn’t get the sex ed lessons until grade 4 or 5, so when we were somewhere between 9 and 11.

Now admittedly, 99% of kids were exposed to sex by 7 or 8 back then and at least had some grasp of what it was, however almost 100% of those kids had some sort of massive flaw in what they knew and therefore had to relearn some of it.

So I’d say age 8 is probably the best time to do it, either just before or very shortly after one of their peers who has a terrible parent tells them all about sex but explains it horribly and messes up their perception of the act.

Even if they’re learning that sexual intercourse leads to babies at age 5, I think the various positions, oral/anal stuff and trying to describe an orgasm isn’t necessary. I’m all for getting rid of the stork crap, but as far as sex goes, tell them what it is but don’t go into details or procedures so graphically.

5? Niggas are buggin.

Looks fine to me.

When I was 5, I distinctly remember a sexual dream about a girl I liked in my kindergarten class… I thought sex was sticking my hand in her butt. I really could have used some direction. These books would have helped me greatly.

Later, when I was maybe 8-10, I had another dream about my neighbors wife where I thought sex was sticking my penis into a flower shaped opening on the side of her abdomen. Again, these books could have cleared things up for me.

5 is too young. They probably wouldn’t even understand what it is, anyway. They should wait until at least grade 3 or 4 to talk about it.

yeah I think this is sufficient for the age

Kids in the US and other societies are bombarded with junk sexuality whenever the TV is on or they walk past a billboard, so it’s probably a good idea to have a smart, mature discussion about basic sexuality at an early age. Tone it down if it makes you feel better, but they’re learning about sex (from shit sources) if they have eyes and ears.