Is throwing or grabbing cheap?


I personally don’t think it is, and yes I may use it a lot.

Sometimes, when the opponent is just blocking, the match has to go somewhere. In competitive play, I got to give it my all.

Any answers? Yes, no, or explain.


A Resounding No.




EDIT: riiiiight! April’s fool huh?
(a bit late though).


It ain’t cheap if my name’s Zangief.


god dammit


Is jumping cheap? Blocking? How about attacking?




you want cheap? well have this one FOR FREE!!!


Hell yeah bro. Whenever some hot bitches are grabbing at my dick (that’s pretty well all the time) I throw them the bone and it costs me nothing. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Why do you ask?


Mar 2009


Throw me or any of my friends and you’ll regret it. You’ll never look at a joystick the same way ever again.


This is stupid as hell for two possible reasons:

  1. if this is an april fool’s joke it fails since that passed already.

  2. whining about throwing is scrubby and yadayada


Hell no. It ain’t cheap.

If your opponent is just going to sit there and do nothing while blocking all your moves and think he’s invincible, just walk up to him/her and fucking grab that bitch.

Is there any rule that’s in the game that states grabbing is cheap? Or is it just the players creating their self-imposed rules saying that it’s cheap?


If you pay $59.99 plus tax?

It is most certainly not cheap. In fact, get more bang for your buck and spam it.


Are infractions and bans cheap? Not IMO.


I can’t believe I just noticed your avatar has to do with what’s written under your user title. :wow:


you know what’s cheap? buying 1 month of premium, that’s cheap