Is today orochizoolander's birthday, or is it 364 days from now?

Because, either happy birthday, or let the countdown begin!


The guy that thinks Flappy Bird is a masterpiece

Happy bday fellow 3rd o Mayer @orochizoolander :party:



Happy Birthday, BK! Watching you infiltrate GD and blend in (plotting, planning) has been great.

Shinobi 3DS.

Happy Birthday Orochi Zoo!

I don’t see this person on the list.

hows your mom orochi?

Happy Birthday, man!

Nah I think he’s that tall white guy you ask to help you reach the jar on the top shelf.

@Blindknagg when you said fellow 3rd o Mayer my first thought was “damn SRK detectives are GDLK how did he find out I went to a John Mayer concert in 10th grade ?”

Happy Birthday, Zoo! :woot: :party:

Also in the queue of AWESOMEBOTS by himself

24/7 364

Also drunk and unruly customer groping waitresses “RIGHT ON HER ASS BRO” with his alcohol limit

300 hit combo’d by a 1.2% by vol ZIMA “wine cooler”

Due to height / weight = ratio.

Man it’s been a while since I last saw OZ. Happy B-Day muhfucka!!!

Happy birthday @Blindknagg !

Oh, and a nod to OZoo too, I suppose.

Happy Belated Birthday Orochizoolander!

I hope you celebrated in style!