Is touching the gate on your stick bad?


Someone mentioned that it’s bad to let your stick touch the gate, that it’s inefficient, that I should go no further than the clicking sound. I personally couldn’t get 100% consistent hadokens till i started making sure I slid along the gate. Do all of you “weathered” players avoid it too?

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I’m pretty sure that’s what’s called “riding the gate”, and I don’t know the details but apparently it’s something you should avoid. Just keep practicing and your execution will get better!

Also I’m not entirely sure whether or not this was the correct place to put this thread in. I think Tech Talk may have been better.


In theory, yes, it is sub-optimal to move the stick past actuation distance. Should you do it? Probably not. Should it be something that you should worry about? Definitely not. There are many other things you can do to improve your game that will yield you better results.


Thanks, I’ll start working on it. I’ll remember to post this kind of stuff in tech talk.


Most people touch touch the sides of the gate when playing, it’s bullshit that its inefficient as the distance you need to travel is already minimal.


Depends, if you are doing tiger knee motions and dragon punch motions riding the gate to its corner is a big help. When doing quarter circles its better to avoid the gate, but at first the the stick will kinda bounce off the gate. 2X quarter circles motions are a lot smoother when you can do it without touching the gate. Comes with practice.


It comes naturally. Getting into things like hops and Drive Cancels in KoF XIII I found myself hitting the gate much less without even trying, simply because the inputs were going in faster.


What kind of gate? I think square gates are terrible for motion characters, but they’re perfect for charge characters since they make it easier to ensure that you’re always in the down-back or up-back position.

If you like to ride the gate and you play motion characters, you might want to consider replacing the square gate with a circle or octagonal gate. It’s a cheap upgrade if you own a Sanwa stick and you can easily take it off and reinstall the old square gate if you don’t like it.


It’s not bad to let it touch the gate, but it is bad if you continually “ride” the gate, which means you shouldn’t just continually press up against the gate whenever you do your motions (i.e. for fireballs, uppercuts, etc…)

While in theory, it’s ideal to not let it touch the gate, it’s practically impossible to not do so in the heat of a match. Every player does it to an extent, but you try to limit contact as best you can.


Gate = training wheels. Ride your damn gate. Once you get to a point where you can hadoken easier than you can scratch your ass, then you can worry about adjusting your inputs. You’ll know when your ready because you won’t be questioning whether you did your shoryuken or hadoken, you’ll be thinking stuff like, “I needed to hadoken/shoryuken faster.” If you think something like, “did my shoryuken/hadoken even come out,” you aren’t ready yet…


No problem at all to ride the gate. You just don’t want to exaggerate it if you play with the stick on your lap, for obvious reasons. These things are manufactured so as to withstand harsh conditions. Hell, you punch your arcade stick, odds are you get a perfectly working stick and a broken hand.


do games like sf2t require riding the gate for shoryuken, hence they’re harder to control?


Touching? No.

Riding the gate however is discouraged as it’s inefficient for quarter and half circle motions. Sure it works if you’re a beginner, but eventually you’ll need to wean yourself off it.


No game requires riding the gate. It’s generally considered a bad practice. It leads to sloppy inputs and actually makes it slower.

ST does generally require stricter timing on your inputs though. This could be an effect of the game speed being faster than most modern games, but pretty much every game since then has had a bit more leniency in inputs.


thanks. I’ll keep that in mind


Rubbish talk, ride the gate if you like, it’s your execution on screen that matters not how you hold your stick.

SF4 shortcut system means the game doesn’t give two shits if you ride the gate or not, in fact it’s easier for some Bnb’s and some cross cut Dp’s. Don’t be fooled into to thinking there’s some high tier execution technique required for everyone, I’ve got high level mates that push buttons with their knuckles. Some that play finger grip, some that play palm., some people slap focus with their hand, others press it. Some people can Piano some have to slide…

It’s like people saying stick is better than pad, doesn’t mean two shits if you can beat the other guy.