Is training mode input display reliable?


I use it a lot but lately it’s sometimes being unreliable. I’m a Karin main and these past weeks (slow learner…) I have been learning the timing on tenko > lk mujinkyaku > EX tenko, failing the execution very often. Still, sometimes the input display shows a correct input for EX tenko but a regular tenko shows up ingame.

Uploaded it to youtube:

What is going on here?


it happens to me too with chun’s SBK EX (get heavy SBK instead). I have experienced this only in training mode, in match it never happened.


What could be happening is that you are negative-edging the inputs, but aren’t being consistent in releasing them at the same time. You can test this by using the 3P buttons for EX Tenko and check if you ever see get a normal tenko. If you do, please post a vid as it would be very interesting as it could potentially affect real matches.


There’s another possibility in that certain transition frames are not cancellable into EX moves. This is a bug that rears it’s head occasionally in fighting games. This should also be testable by using the 3P macro button.


It could also be a bug with the input display, maybe it’s not showing correctly an execution error. I will test it using the macro later today and post some results.


It works perfectly fine always when I use the macro. I guess it is only a bug with the input data display not showing an execution error.


Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the input display in this case other than that it shows inputs 1f later that what you do it. The problem was likely just as I said - you were negative edging the 2 buttons, but you were releasing them at slightly different times. It’s possible there could be something wrong with your controller. It was a common problem with certain types of MCZ sticks that people picked up when 3S OE was released when they couldn’t get EX moves consistently. The buttons had a flaw in that they did not register at exactly the same time. Since the input merge window in older games is smaller, it took a while for people to notice.