Is TvC too masher friendly?

Is TvC too masher friendly? My friends who legitimately try keep getting beaten by those who don’t, so they just get angry and swear off the game. One of them literally waggles the joystick and pianos the buttons over and over again and it’s enraging. How can I defend the merits of this great game when no one believes it requires legitimate skill?

The idea is that if someone can just pick up the game and mash to beat everyone, it can’t possibly be a good game. Please help me convince my friends this isn’t true.

I posted something similar on the Newbie forums, so I’ll delete that one if these threads are unnecessary.

Block Low more and just V counter everything.

Umm. That’s kind of how fighting games work. You do ok when you just mash, then when you start to try to learn the game, you get worse for a while, because you’re trying to do shit that you’re not used to yet and you get beat by randomness. If you keep working on it you’ll beat them. I guarantee they wouldn’t beat a legitimately good player just by mashing.

If you want to stomp the mashing out of your friends, pick up PTX and learn a thing or two about him. That should teach them that giant chain saw > mashing attack buttons. Or it could just get them to play the giants and encourage more mashing =P

You catch them mashing once and they lose a third of their life.

Repeat 3 times.

Basically, block and punish. Don’t even try to come up with offensive schemes against mashers, cause they’re not smart enough to even realize that there’s mindgames.

Just wait. And Block. And punish. That is how you beat the mashers.

Wait until they use a special move without baroquing it. Block it.

Then kill them.

Don’t try to use online as a base, input lag works against you and in favor of the mashers, but offline that shit does not fly.

lol. how do i not do my normal srk shit to this thread. hmmm. if someone is literally jumping on the pad and mashing like you described to beat your friends who are actually trying, then really, your friends just need to get better at the game. i mean, one look through the video thread can bring an easy comparison to how the combos should look, and the game should be played. just assure your friends that they just need to keep practicing, and no masher will ever go anywhere competitively. EVER.

yeah, this should have stayed in the newb section. there is nothing we can say or do to prove this to your friends. if they think the game is too masher friendly because they suck, then that already speaks leagues about their mentals. ha ha, so this is what happens when scrubs fight each other. lol. this game sucks, im trying, and hes mashing like his life is going to end, but im losing. ha ha.

it really depends on what you play with:

twirling the joystick/d-pad and mashing the buttons will get you some stuff, but it still requires knowledge and input of QCF/HCF motions.

When you can perform a 7 hit air combo just by holding down-forward and mashing the attack button six times, that’s masher friendly. Fuck the wiimote.

I will like to point out that Seth K has state numerous time that TvC was meant to be easily pick up and play.

Hench Wii Simple mode aka Button Mashing!

They take the (read:my) arcade stick and twirl the joystick around and mash the buttons as fast as they can and hope to pull out a super. I hate Tekkaman Blade so much.

Dammit, I thought he was just refering to the game in general. I mean, VS. games have always been easy to pick up and play. This Wiimote nonsense just makes it easy for scrubs to pick up and win.

Man, I’ve really got to stop playing this game online…


what if you face a wii mote masher

I also love when people that sort of know what they are doing mash 2A until you decide not to block

This. When you are in a certain early stage of your skill development, you are actually worse than people who mash. I’ve been there, it’s an annoying time. Just train, and try to understand the match more.
To beat mashers though, just block and punish or spam at them from a distance or something. Play safe, because they play very unsafe.

Wiimote zero players only need to hit you once, after that you can’t do a damn thing. Block low and they jump and hit you high then repeat the beating. This game needed to divide players by control methods.

This is a problem especially online that shit pisses me off. i’m like how the hell can Zero send his projectile out so fast when you’re supposed to charge it backwards. I suggest a ban on wii mote.

The only thing I hate about mashers is that there is no pattern to read, mostly all they’re thinking is spam the controls -> hope something good happens. If you have shabby fundamentals you’ll probably have a hard time vs mashers (yourmother’s post pretty much sums it up in this area). Just keep practicing and eventually you’ll wonder why you had any trouble to begin with.

As others have said, block and punish.

Also if they have meter, you damned well sure they are going to use it :slight_smile:

Online Zeros are pretty much:

If there was no lag, that’d be an easy to punish tactic, but nope :confused: