Is twelve good enough to win tourneys?



I have been playing twelve for a couple of weeks and thinking of entering any local tourneys with him. I want to know if twelve can win or at least place top 5. I havent seen any US players really good with him nor have i seen any US player place with him in recognized tourneys.

I need opinions about tourney playing style of twelve.

what is his best strats or safest strats?
Which characters would be difficult for twelve to beat?

can twelve win recognized tourneys? Or only Japanese skills are enough to make him top tier?


Twelve strats

I’m not that great with twelve, but I guess I should contribute my knowledge about him since he’s so cool …cmon, that disappearing thing rocks and u know it!!!

some general strats, twelve, when used correctly makes it nearly impossible for people to parries and counter, especially when he’s in the air. You should be abusing the high airdash cancels and change ups using LP, MP, FP, and FK while gliding. This is to throw your opponent off from either hitting u out of the air, or parrying.

Once you’ve conditioned them to block when they see you coming, you can start with the low airdashs using the same combination of buttons when you are in close range. However the best move to use while low dashing is either LP, or MP, especially sine the low dash can be carried for some time even to the extent of gliding into your opponent without immediatly landing! Varying the timing of these attacks out of low air glide is important if you don’t want to be parried.

A typical strat of mine is to high air dash in with FK—> land --> c.MK —>universal overhead —> dash back —> low glide MP…

when using twelve don’t underestimate the reach of his MK or his universal overhead, also his back dash is super fast, it takes twelve a safe enough distance away from the opp that he can low airdash back in and mess with the opponent some more.

One more thing to note is that when meeting the opp in the air, the easiest and safest thing to do is EX dive, its fast and even if parried u escape safely…at least i’m pretty sure u do. If you don’t have any meter for EX, use plain old MP or if your opp is parry happy use FP AXE (the thing where he flails his arms…), and keep pressing FP until u land where u will probably land first and be able to pull out some set ups.

sorry for the long post…hope someone can add to it…
if u get a chance watch the Japanese vids…Chikkyu rocks!!


if u emphasis the word, “can” then everyone can win a tourney. if the tourney if full of 12 and sean then sean might win a tourney too. but in reality, u gotta look at big 4 to win a tourney. urien is shaky against those 4 too. let alone twelve.

general 12 style is one word, “mix up”. mixup leads to unpredictabilty, leads to confusino, leads to crossover hk, leads to unexpected throw, leads to air dive whiff hk, leads to UOH, leads to everything. just keep in mind there’s no need for combo. 12 is a comboless char. he can win without landing a combo. just be freestyle. it’s simple as that.


12 cant win, 12neto on the other hand…


How do you make twelve glide in the air?


All you have to do is Dash in the air. Simple as that.:smiley:


i have this friend who uses twelve an got 7th place in a tourney, he told me that twelve is all about willpower and extreme dedication.


i dont get what u mean by the low glide?? can u clarify a bit more on it?


They mean air dashing as soon as you leave the ground


You might not be able to go national (unless you have no life whatsoever) but Twelve has the potential to win a (local) tourney. One of the intriguing things I’ve learned is that an airborne AXE can be quite useful in air control. I’ve also learned that, contraty to what was said in the closed thread, Chun Li is quite difficult. Though ground games aren’t much of a problem, it’s her ability to meet you in the air. More details later when I’m more organized.