Is Udon connected to the Alpha 2 anime

Hi Udoneko, i was just wondering if the team at Udon have been in anyway connected with the production of the forthcoming animated movie, whether it be through consultation or what have you. I think it would be cool if it was consistent with the comic series.

Thats impossible.

The SFA anime had its own storyline, and the SFA2 anime is a sequel to that storyline. Capcom, UDON, the animes, mangas, etc, etc, all have their own seperate storylines none of which fit with one anohter.

can someone summarise the plot of the first, second SFA anime, please?

The second one won’t be out until June.
The first one can be summed up as follows:
Ryu + annoying fake brother + Dark Hado + cheesey made up baddie spouting “GIVE ME YOUR DATA” over and over = really good animation and some Alpha character cameos.

Was Shun fake? I never really understood that since Ryu said at the end “You know why, because you ARE my brother”… Meh.

Shun admits right at the end that he was being paid by the doctor to trick Ryu into coming so that he could save his mother (who he lied about being dead). He then asks Ryu why he came when he knew it was a trap, and then Ryu thinks of all the brotherly things they did and says “you are my brother”. Something like that anyway.

Mohammed Ali


That is all.

I actually really liked the animation a lot, and although they made Ken look like a fassyboy, I quite liked some of the character building. It was just the story I had a trouble with. Instead of having internal strife between the Street Fighters (like in the canon and in Udon comics), they made it such that all the Street Fighters were against a newly introduced common enemy. I thought this was unneccesary when there are so many bad guys one could focus on in the actual game.

Mohammed Ali

When did that happen? All I remember was “You knew it was a trap so why did you come?” and I thought that was referring to Shun being kept at Sadler’s…

And I thought the “I thought I could use the money to save my mother” was about street fighting and using the Dark Hadou…? Damn I have to watch it again…

Well Shun said himself that their mother had died so you can tell he was lying. If you watch it again you will hear the whole thing which basicly shows he did it to get the money from Sadler, but it is all said very quickly so I’m not suprised you missed it (I almost did first time I watched it). Post the quote if you get a chance, just to make sure we all didn’t hear what we wanted to hear :lol:

Mohammed Ali

What I don’t get if Shun wasn’t Ryu’s brother afterall HOW THE HELL DID HE USE DARK HADOU?

The death of Shun

“Bro… Brother…
You did it… I… I always wanted a chance to see you fight…”

“Shun… It’s okay, don’t talk.”

Just tell me… Why did you come brother?


Pork and beans… It was Mum’s speciality.

What? A taste of Mum’s cooking huh?
Eating enthusiastically

It’s great huh?
So… Why are we eating on the roof anyway?

Just be quiet and enjoy the view, I like high places that’s all.

Shun (Watching the sunset):
Woah… It’s sinking into the sea…


Back in Brazil we always watched it set in the sugar cane fields.

Ends flashback

But you knew it was a trap. You had to…

Flashback of Ryu and Shun sparring

You… You didn’t even think I was your brother…
So… Why?

You know why… Because you are my brother.

Shun (Thinks):
'Cause I’m his little brother

Let’s go now, I shall never again use the power of the Dark Hadou, and neither will you Shun.

I didn’t mean for this to happen, but I wanted the money, I thought if I could get it I could help my mother.
And I… Wanted to be stronger than anyone else… So then I did it (Quote is questionable, my hearing’s not as good as it used to be lol).
Brother… See you around…

There’s nothing there in concrete that says that in the Alpha anime Shun wasn’t intended to be Ryu’s real brother really, that stuff about money I believe was referring to street fighting and his use of the Dark Hadou in battle. Also nothing says for sure that Shun’s Mum wasn’t dead during the anime.

The Truth About Shun

After the Alpha movie was released in Japan, Shun’s true story was revealed in an interview with the SFA director in Famitsu (or one of those magazines)

Shun was a clone of Ryu. He shared Ryu’s blood/DNA which is how he was able to use the Dark Hadou, but when only around Ryu, and Shun’s martial arts abilities come from Sadler as well, ie they were implanted (which is kinda a given, seeing as how skilled he was for being so young)

Sadler’s failed versions of Shun can be seen towards the end of the movie when Ryu is looking for Shun, and mistakes a failure for Shun, however Shun’s ki and the failure’s ki were the same, because they were infact basicly the same person (both Shun and the failure also have the same voice actor as well) Then Chun Li sensed what she thought was Ryu’s ki when Shun was trapped in that dude, because Shun’s ki resembles Ryu’s being that he’s a clone.

ALL of Shun’s memories (prior to meeting Ryu) were implants, and as he’s dying he cant keep anything straight so spits out this story about his mother that makes no sense.

Is Shun Ryu’s brother?

Its for the viewer to decide (as much as a cop out or cliche thats become with animes)

Oh and something eles…

Akuma is NOT Ryu’s father!

People got the wrong idea about that in the SFA movie.

Ryu asks Akuma…

That was Akuma’s “NO!” to Ryu, yet alot people never pick up on, I dont see why not though.

I always thought the Akuma and Ryu father/son thing was just the SF Alpha anime trying to stray away from the real plot and going all Star Wars like lol.

As for Shun… Damn he was a clone? I can’t help but feel that they screwed up what could have been an interesting plot twist there, I’d rather Mohammed Ali’a theory were right but oh well… So the Shun at the end of the anime who said the words I put in my previous post wasn’t the Shun that Ryu had known? Well it was in being the same person with the same Chi flow but he was a different… “model” correct? A failed version?

Thanks for the info btw TAS.

A clone, huh? Thanks for that TAS! However the failure did have a different voice actor than Shun’s. Shun was voiced by Reiko Kikuichi. The failure, credited as ‘Boy’ in the english translation of the credits was voiced by Kumiko Yokote. And this is not to be confused with Kokoro Shindo who did the voice of the kid Ryu handed to Sakura in the first part.

Nah, Dr.Sadler was Shun’s “father” and he “learned” the Dark Hadou from him, ie Dr.Sadler created Shun and gave him the ability to use the Dark Hadou, so technicaly Shun was right when he said he learned it “From dad” Also if Akuma had been Ryu’s father in the movie, I dont see how he could of had Shun and/or trained him. I mean its kinda hard to imagine Akuma got with any woman after being consumed with the Dark Hadou, and that he would train anyone let alone a little pup like Shun, who’s attitude was way too cheerful for someone that people thought was trained by Akuma.

Its the same Shun. The failed versions of Shun all looked similar but diffrient, ie the one Ryu saw out in the feild had lighter hair, blue eyes, and freckles. The only time Ryu saw a failed version of Shun was out in that feild.

They ended up backing themselves into a corner with Shun’s story, and the only way to explain it was for him to be a clone.

I don’t know about you guys but I hope they can focus more on Ken next time on SFA 2.

The Shoryuken he performed on Dr.Sadler showed how DESTRUCTIVE it can be ! It was just amazing although it had no effect on him…

Thats my favourite bit by far :wink:

I did like the anime but I’ve shown it to a few ‘fringe’ SF fans and they only thought it was passable. I think it’d have been alot better if they’d made shun older and thus more plausable. Who in there right mind would allow a tiny young kid to enter a SF tournament and take on zangief, let alone win. Even then why weren’t the warning sounds going crazy for the other characters that something was majorly wrong?


P.s poor Zangief gets no loving. Beaten by Blanka in the sf2 anime and now bested by a kid. Sheesh

I understand, Sadler created Shun as a copy of Ryu and even managed to add the properties of the Dark Hadou to him. The plan was then to send him to Ryu (Which is what happened) and then gradually play Ryu like a pawn until he is forced to fight one of Sadler’s cyborgs and then has to use the Dark Hadou so that Sadler too can have the power.

Though at some points they did do okay in accordance with the Canon but I believe they could have quite easily decided to stray away from that. I did actually think they was going to kill the “Is Akuma Ryu’s Dad?” question in Alpha 2, I didn’t realise “Where I walk, I walk alone, where I fight, I fight alone” was actually saying no. I believed that he was just evading the answer and saying he wasn’t going to act like a Dad. Though you’re right it would be pretty damn hilarious seeing Akuma act out the role of Dad with Dark Hadou under his belt lol. I didn’t think it through, I just thought they would be pointing on before he was consumed by the Dark Hadou, but now I’ve just remembered that the father of Shun taught Shun Dark Hadou.

So the one failure we saw was the crazy one that Ryu saw at Sadler’s domain, the one who turned around made a stupid “Haaaa!” sound with arms outstretched and said, “I… I just can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry professor, please forgive me…” whilst thrashing around on the floor?

I can’t help but feel that it would have been better if they had made it one of those theoretical things where it’s up to the viewer to decide how it went… Kind of like half the themes in Evangelion (If you’ve ever seen that). Would have been better if they had said it should be one of those things where the viewer can make his/her own conclusions imo.

For the record TAS, Akuma wasn’t always a one demensional evil, training machine. If you got eternal challenge you can see an offical artwork of Akuma kneeling, presumably selling fruit near a young man who may be Ryu. That one picture basically dispels this current narrow minded visage of Akuma that seems to be portrayed everywhere these days.