Is Ultimate a good thing? Your reasons why?

Just curious

Initially I was really salty about it, being someone who pre-ordered the game ASAP, got the Limited Edition version, and whatnot, but I’ve gotten over it. The amount of work going into the game in rebalancing, adding 12 new characters, and having a lower price point have made me get over it. Not to mention I never bought any of those Shadow Battles, so it’s no skin off my nose if its not coming in to the game. Someone posted 12 good reasons or so to accept the new one, and its a decent post.

We have done this several times already.

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How many times has this been asked already? Isn’t there already a thread for this?

There’s a thread just below this called -

Top 12 reasons UMVC3 is a good thing.

Maybe discuss this there :slight_smile:

You love making threads

what are you talking about this is my first in a few days. sorry people i forgot therer was another thread!