Is Valentine's Day that big of a deal?

You know, with the people in this world who are homeless, suffering from terminal illnesses, along with children starving and dealing with HIV/AIDS, you’d think some people would realize that them being single is nothing compared to the problems occurring in other places.

Valentines day is just a way to get people to spend even more money.

It’s a big deal because it’s the day that the new Twisted Metal comes out.

I was gonna ask the OP to be my valentine, but not anymore.

i jilted.

No one is allowed to be happy as long as someone else is not. No one is allowed to be sad/disappointed over anything that doesn’t concern death. SO HELP ME GOD if I catch you eating when some one else is not!

I always thought they were wasting money than spending it.

I stopped caring about Valentine’s Day a while ago. I see people get so worked up about Valentine’s Day it’s insane. Like, there’s already a bunch of mopey Valentine’s day statuses on Facebook and that shit is like a month away.

If you can deal with playing Marvel online, you can deal with Valentine’s Day statuses on Facebook.

I don’t care about Valentine’s Day because I don’t care about anyone.

I thought I was the only one. Bitches on my news feed are all, “#Team Single”, or “I don’t want to think about Valentine’s Day because it’s going to remind me of him/her”. I just want one of those starving children from Africa to bitch slap one of them and describe what’s actually a real problem.

Valentines days is the day the asian wife gets the most freakiest, she’s a super freak but not this year sadly :frowning:

People always waste money. Always.

You live in a world were people do what they WANT. Not everyone is bad/evil but people do whatever they enjoy. Valentines Day works because it’s a belief that too many people openly embrace. They believe they have to be with someone, to buy things to show their “affection” and such. Yeah, people are suffering in the world but I remember one particular thing about growing up:

“Get a good education to create a good life for YOURSELF.” People aren’t really raised to be up for supporting others. We live in a weird, crazy world where people do what they want and not what’s needed at times. Some people will try to help those that suffer, some will not. It’s about what environment you grew up in and what you believe in.

As for me, I don’t celebrate V. Day at all. I don’t celebrate any holidays or my birthday. I simply do not care about any of it at all.

As someone who got engaged last Valentine’s Day…

Yes. It’s a very big deal.

why do you always refer her as your asian wife and not just your wife?

Because he wants to make us all Jealous.

I won’t lie. I’m jealous.

I am too but that is besides the point.

Fuck that day and everyone who celebrates it.

Though I just may be mad because I’m a foreveralone and won’t ever have anyone to spend it with.

Really? Your serious? DERESHISHISHISHISHI! People disappointed over a holiday about an old flame warrants bringing up Africa? DERESHISHISHISHISHI! DERESHISHISHISHI!

Guys… It’s Saint Valentines Day

…damn heathens.