Is Vega any good in SFxT?



On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 meaning absolute unplayable - and 10 meaning God-tier)

How would you rate Vega (claw) in SFxT?


7 or 8

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5 or 6


I like him quite a bit I give him a clear 7


8 for sure.


At the very most he gets a 6


6.5 maybe 7

He is very good in this game.


The game is new. If you like Vega, just try to play him and unlock his potential. A rating out of 10 can’t encapsulate all the character’s strengths and weaknesses the way a thirty minute session in training mode can.

He’s not being used all that much right now, but neither was Morrigan a month into UMvC3’s lifetime.


Right now 6 to 8. Only looses when people don’t press buttons against him.


nice ! I was hoping for 6-7… now I’m probably gonna have to go out and buy this game. ^^


You haven’t bought it yet? THERE’S STILL HOPE. RUN. RUN FAR AWAY. DON’T WASTE YOUR $60+DLC


or gets life lead and runs away. Not much you can do about that

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well, I’m a PC gamer.

But yeah, I’ve read a lot of bad reviews from angry gamers about the DLC drama. Although, as a PC gamer/Vega-only player I really don’t care. :slight_smile:


I’d rate Vega a 7, he would’ve been an 8 or 9 if CAPCOM didn’t take away Vega’s Projectile Invulnerability on EX Sky High Claw and had given him some invincibility frames on Scarlet Terror.


I haven’t fought against much run away but I’d rather have Vegas walk speed and desperation claw dive tactics more than some characters.


I’d give him a 6 or 7. Atm i think people are overrating his effectiveness but he is still good in this game


10, i have major hard on for vega in this game.

he’s so good


vega easy top 5 in this game right now. so that’d be a 9 or 10?

his ground game is so dominating… that alone is enough to shut down more than half the cast right now. RCF works really well in the game system with switch cancels. his damage output is crazy. jumping attacks are very good so while his grounded AAs leave a bit to be desired, air-to-air is a good option for him that makes up for it somewhat. angle jump fp in this game is great especially considering how AAs work now.

long term he might drop a bit… if kazuya mist step/jin special step gets developed to the point you can just dash through his pokes into 300 damage combos, that might drop him down.


around 9, maybe even 10.

Vega has everything you can ask for in this game, so far the only lacking thing is that he has some issues opening people up if they dont press buttons (RIP Karathrow :frowning: ) but aside from that everything he has is fuckin top-notch.


So far the lowest is a 6. That should say something.

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