Is Venom a counterpick to Sentinel?



I feel Venom wins in this matchup because he totally eliminates Sentinels air game and keeps him grounded.


i feel like you haven’t got wouped bye a good sentinel … venom can do nothing on sentinel really nothing …down hp fly unfly down hp fly forward hp … or fly back up + assist … what you gonna do Man


Dude, shut the fuck up. Venom sucks. 10+ yrs. of knowledge and info in mvc2 and you can’t accept that a lower tier just plain blows and has no chance against higher tier teams. Not many people fuck with lower tiers, but the ones that do usually got one or two spots filled with some good ass assist to make up for how ass their point character is.

“Roll can shut down Magneto in the ground”

^You know how fucking absurd that shit sounds.:rofl:


What if I had Sentinel and Storm on a team with venom than it would be high tier.




Venom Is a Defensive Character so yes you are a fucking moron who hasn’t been to turnies like I have.


Storm Sent are High Tier.
Doesn’t change the fact that Venom is still booty.


Great argument. Would you care to post some of your matches that were clearly streamed due to your tournament proficiency? Preferably with this god-tier team you have described.


Hear that OP? That’s the sound of…you not winning tourny’s with your bumbass venom.


venom has tricks and can annoy scrubs but against a good player you gonna lose, nigga


Only because I’m missing MvC2 and I played a higher Venom.

Though it seems like Venom has tools to deal with Sentinel, key word being seems, Sentinel is faster, stronger, has better mobility, and can survive all of Venoms combos to include his semi infinite since eventually they tech/dizzy out. Venom can’t properly move in on him because as said earlier Sentinel can cHP fly/unfly repeat. Venom does have range on his normals but they are all slow or get beat by stomps or frying pan. Even with Storm and Sent backing your Venom you have no vertical coverage meaning Sentinel can fly his happy ass over there and start stomp chains that chip you out or bait your pushblock into stupid damage. It’s a winnable match yes but you are going to be doing a hell of a lot of work to even touch Sentinel as Venom is just too slow and punishable and doesn’t have the health to take the beating.


Okay first of all they dont have MVC2 tournaments anymore and secondly Venom goes up a few spots and is really good as an assist with Storm and Sentinel.


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Venom Sent Storm … Venom in a sent in y and storm in a like most do b like justin or y for anti air ??? you have no anti air assist … venom is worse then cyclops or magneto or half of the cast in mvc2 … but still you mean he is the secret counter pick to sent …maybe combined with doom and comando you can ground corner a sentplayer and chip him if he has no assist … but tell us how you pin down sent or even better show it to us …


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Even with Storm on vertical typhoon he has no way to cover her from cHP fly/unfly. Yes if he used Psylocke or Commando with him he’d have to at least respect their presence but trying to play defensive with the standard/popular assist is a hard battle. Sentinel can blow up one bad Venom fang, Venom rush, and Web throw doesn’t give Venom much. He would have to rush him down from the start and use super jump cancels with proper assist calling and Venoms double actions plus ambiguous Sentinel crossups to really fucks with him but if that was the case I’d drop Storm for an assist like Psylocke, Commando, or Tron


Can you reccomend me a team that would make Venom Viable when facing top tier characters?


Depends on the style team you’re facing really. Venom is defensive yes so I’m assuming you’re using him strictly defensive, if this is the case you want defensive assist that are gonna keep the bullshit off you but keep in mind Venom can rush also. jlk jmk is a decent tri jump and jhk crosses up. If I remember right slp, slk smk and shk (both after 1 hit) can all be super jump canceled so use these to your advantage. Venom fang is good for space control but has horrid recovery so only use it when you have a long assist on the screen to make Venom safe or else a good player is going to fuck your shit up. There was a funky setup out there that used it as a double cross up when you used Tron’s assist. I think it was like tri jump lk mk plus Tron xx lp Venom fang. The mk would crossup and Tron would come out on the crossup side while Venom would end back up on the original side pushing them into all four rings. As a matter of fact Venom and Tron were fucking strong together especially in the corner. She set up a lot of corner unblockables for him, well they were fast ambiguous ground cross ups but sometimes they felt like unblockables. That pairing was more rushdown based though so keep that in mind. Venom has tools but like I said originally his short comings were his speed, recovery, and health. You really have to dedicate a team around him for the style you want him in. Going back to the topic of this thread though, Venom/Storm/decent anti air could work against Sentinel but it’s still gonna be an uphill battle for you because Sentinel can kill you without getting close but not the other way around. The most I can say is if you kill the character before he comes out set up for one of Venom’s guard breaks and do as much damage as possible from there. If in the corner go for the infinite. You won’t get a super off it due to it being an FSD infinite but it’ll give you damage and meter and a health advantage for Storm to runaway against. Plus Storm can cover Venom Fang assist.


Great Post. So if have my storm against sentinel what can Venom do as an assist? because I feel thats where he shines the most. It can irritate the fuck out of the Sentinel player.