Is Venom a good character?

Or is he low tier?

Any character that has a good match-up against Sentinel is worth using, in my opinion.

He not top tier… but also not one of the worst…

He has a few good matchups… and his df+ pp hyper is good for ending just about any DHC… or connecting 2 other DHCs that are normally tough to connect.

Beyond that… mostly abuse his high priority venom fang, s. fp, and snapout…

His air dash is also a lot like spidermans… an attack will cancel out of it… and sorta send you on a short falling angle… can be pretty tricky if used properly.

no… no.

Hes formiddable, put it that way. I think the main thing with Venom is that he has a great defense. If you have defense, that makes you a good character by just that. He also has moves that kinda keep you back. His supers are decent, standard damage. His venom fang is great for neutralizing opponents. Against top-tiers, he struggles with Magneto a little, because most of Venoms moves extend out, and Mags is gonna be right in his grill most of the time. With storm, he actually combats well against her, because his venom fang, and the other one (where the symbiote comes from under and bites) stops her from hailstorming. Thats a huge plus against her. As far as against Sentinel, its a decent matchup as well, because Venom can connect a lot of his combos against Sent that he cant normally connect with smaller characters. Plus his venom fang keeps Sent on the ground. With cable, its not looking good for Venom. Cable’s viper & hyper viper beams keep Venom stunned in most cases, making him seem frozen or unable to move. Cable does that to others, mainly because of the little grenade. Venom cant really get to cable, because anything he decides to do, will result in Braddock’s symbiote host getting ripped all up.
But, overall, hes a decent player to play with. Hes like a sparring partner. Not really meant for tourney play, but you can practice with him for personal accomplishment reasons.

Not really a good match vs Sent. More less he can hang with him, unlike 90% of the cast. So, by the fact alone I’d Say venom isn’t bad at all.

He works well against many of the teams/players that rely on spacing themselves from you in order to beat you.

What are some of Venoms BnB’s?


Go fuck around in training to learn the basics and then come back to me for the more advanced tactics.