Is Vergil best on point?

I want some of your opinions on which slot Vergil fits best in. I currently run Vergil/Hawkeye/Wesker but not sure if I should switch Vergil on point for Hawkeye on point. :confused:

Its debatable, I play him second now a days just because Vergil is at his scariest when he has lots of meter to burn but his reset/ mixup potential is good enough that he can be a good point character too. If youre gonna play him second on that team though put Wesker up front and Hawkeye in the back, hawkeye is not a great battery and if he dies early Vergil has nothing but Weskers gunshot backing him up.

Hawkeye is better used as an assist on that team. Arrows and teleport mixups all day. Wesker or Hawkeye can both anchor, I prefer to have Wesker with an assist, so Hawkeye anchors for me. Unfortunately I feel like Hawkeye anchor doesn’t have a lot of comeback factor. He chips like crazy and can punish anything with Gimlet but if someone with a lead turtles away and turns on xfc avoiding chip, Hawkeye can’t make a comeback the way Wesker can.

I’d say use Hawkeye at anchor, and Wesker at point. Wesker has the best mix-up potential so meter isn’t an issue. Use him to build meter for Vergil. Abuse that meter with Vergil and having Hawkeye on assist with Vergil, you still create mix-up potential. Hawkeye doesn’t really need to rely on assists, does crazy chip on Lv3 XF. I know Wesker is the best in the game and can be used at any position, the one’s I have most trouble with are the ones who use him on point and Assist/TP the crap out of me. Though I do run Vergil at point, he helps me level up Frank West, and he’s still really good on point. But if I wasn’t using FW, I’d have someone build Meter for Vergil. Actually the way I play, Vergil gets Frank in Leveled up and FW leveled up builds a boat load of meter for Vergil.