Is Virgil worth it on the Vita?



Well as the title implies, I have the Vita version of UMVc3 and am currently running Virgil on point, Deadpool on assist, and Akuma on anchor.

I would really love to stick with Virgil but I am facing an annoying problem right now, his Round-Trip move. It is extremely hard to the point of impossible to pull this move off during combo’s due to the fact that the Vita only has 2 shoulder buttons. Since many of his combos consist of this move, is it even worth playing him?

My button configuration is as follows, please note that button commands cannot be placed on the d-pad.

Square=Light attack.
Triangle=Medium attack.
Circle=Heavy attack.
L=Assist 1.
R=Assist 2.

I really do enjoy using this character and would love to stick with him, though it seems like a waste of time at this current point.


Switch L to Light attack.




What about the other assist?
(I have this problem too)


I guess no one has an answer to this question^

Vergil, Zero, and to an extent Viper all have this problem on the vita. I just don’t understand what Capcom was thinking.

I need 1 more damn button. The only way to do it is switch around the shoulder buttons, but it’s hella awkward.


Just a suggestion, I am a magneto player and you know how we love dashing all over the place. Anyways, I change the R shoulder button (2nd assist) to L M H attack so the dashing is easier. Where did my assist 2 button go? I enabled the touch screen so I just tap the 2nd assist and it works out fine with me. Just need to get use to it. =]


you could play the game on a console… then you get access to GASP MORE BUTTONS?!

and if you want to be any type of effective with vergil, he needs round trip.
don’t play on a vita