Is Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution the best game to dive into 3D fighting?

I never really was a fan of the 3D fighters such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, or Virtua Fighter. The little bit that I messed around with them seemed to lack the technical refinement of 2D. But I am interested in trying them out again, especially with SCV piquing my interest. I was thinking of playing VF: Evolution as a starting point, as I’ve read it’s arguably the best 3D fighter ever with a great single player and amazing AI. What do you guys think?

Well, VF4: EVO does have an excellent tutorial to help you learn and get good at the game. From personal experience, I actually learned about hit confirming, spacing and whatnot from the 4: EVO tutorial and it helped me get good at other fighters. But yeah, 4: EVO to this day is still very highly regarded to this day. I kinda liken it to the “KOF '98” of VF.

VF4:Evo was and still is the best fighting game I’ve ever played 2d or 3d and had the best single player features of all. What makes a 3d fighter technical is different from what you find in a 2d fighter, the movement system in VF4 for instance is much more technical than any you’ll find in a 2d fighter. I think the tutorial doesn’t actually cover that among other things.

VF4:EVO is a great game, and easily one of the better fighters out there. That said, it has a pretty high learning curve compared to ther fighters.

Really just play Soul Calibur or Tekken, and then move to VF. Although 3D, they all play VASTLY different.

Is the best 3D game for me, great AI, nice skillcap, great modes, good tutorial, is one of the greatest games for the fans of the genre no doubt.

And i still play it with my friends lol, anyways the game is really different from other 3D FG is your decision if you want to start here.

As a nice bonus, it includes VF 10th Anniversary game, which is pretty fun.

Hmm…cool. Is it ok to play this with a pad? (I play all 2D fighters on stick.)

That’s the reason why I wanted to buy it. Old-school VF + More characters = instant buy for me.

Whoa, this feels like a super technical Mortal Kombat :expressionless:

Totally doable. I played on a PS2/3 pad for years.

Okay, you lost me there.

Technical, yes, but it’s really not THAT hard. Just dp through the tutorial, read the stuff there and on VFDC and practice/learn just like any other game.

Oh I meant the combos, they’re more like MK dial-a-combo where you just press the buttons in sequence without specific timing as 2D fighters.

Who are you using? Try going through the tutorial as well. The combos are pretty much up to once you understand what juggles and you star using G-Cancel.

Can’t tell if trolling…

But they aren’t combos. They’re attack strings. Not everything string natually combos. You to approach it as a brand new thing. Sure, you can apply some past experience, but it’s a whole thing. “Unlearn what have learned” as Yoda would say.

Well, there was that “2D > 3D” thread made by the same user, so yeah, suspicion is understandable at this point.