Is Virtua Fighter 6 now in development?

Yeah… really vague source, but anyway…

*Tekken was first released on the PlayStation arcade variant in 1994, and now is the first on the PlayStation 3 arcade variant board-set. As with the new crop of fighting games about to be released, the launch of a consumer version is a factor in the wings for this game. Stories are rife, however, that Tekken could be one of the first to offer full cross-over capability with T6 customized characters, played on arcade and PS3 home systems.

The other big player in the brawler stakes is Virtua Fighter; currently Virtua Fighter 5 Ver.C has been released on the Japanese arcade scene, but recent trade reports have confirmed plans for Virtua Fighter 6 to hit the arcades this year - possibly in direct competition T6. *

Havn’t ever heard of that site before myself.

I duno, VF5 was in production for how long? I could see a VF ‘EVO’, as they’ve pretty much said it’s coming lol, but I can’t possibly see a full-on, brand-new VF title for some time.

Spong’s gimmick is releasing false info. They do it on purpose.

I highly doubt this is true, with Vf5 still making money.

Yeah, im really sceptic with this too, but you never know…

Do the teams behind VF and Tekken even see each other as competition anymore?

Aside from borrowing ideas from each other (and I heard at one time staff), the games play differently enough that you either like one or both.