Is walking back after a attack a good tatic


i know high level players do it on during their frame traps but what about netural etc




Okay, Ronnie. I’ll bite.

Whenever you ask a “Is this a good tactic” question, the answer is always going to be - “It depends.”

It might be a good tactic against some opponents. Against others, it might not work so well. It might work against an opponent for 3 matches, and then it might stop working. It might fail against an opponent after the first time he sees it.

You have to try it in a match and see if it works. If it works, try it again. If it doesn’t, try to condition your opponent to make it work.


Possibly a mobbdeep alt account?


Walking back is never a good tatic. You always walk forward, especially when the opponent attacks you.



Okay I’m going to go a little Veserius here because you’re fucking annoying.

Do you understand the concept of self-teaching, or applying the ideas you come up with yourself and seeing how they affect your gameplan? Every single thing you talk about is down to conditioning your opponent, frame traps - delayed frame traps - shimmying - pressing buttons - walking in and out of poke range in neutral - playing with thought.

Do you play this game? If so, use literally every question you ask in the game and see for yourself. What the fuck do you expect the answer to this question to be? “Yes this will be your one-stop shop to Diamond”? We can’t give you a flat yes or no on this, because it requires you to condition somebody to make it work. High level players do things that work against their opponents attempts to condition to their defensive habits. See examples below

Cammy - throw, once conditioned the Cammy can start to mix in - walkback st.hp throw tech whiff punish, and go into a blockstring from if they choose to press buttons. This is common across the cast.

Lots of characters can alter their jump arcs to punish certain AA options.

Ryu can dash in - throw and mix this in with dash in - dash back xx h.tatsu as a throw tech bait and punish. Almost every character with good dashes can do this.

You see what I mean here? I don’t play any of these characters but it’s what some do against me to condition me. Go and play the game. Read guides, look up Domination101, read a footsies handbook, watch high level players and dissect what they do. It’s time you stop making pointless threads in this section and start learning for yourself.

We all know it’s you Mobbdeep, idk why you made an alternate account but you need to start thinking for yourself and stop being such a god damn fucking idiot.


Lol, ya think?


Context motherfucker, do you have it?


The funny thing:
>he sees pro players do something
>he asks if it’s a “good tatic”

Bitch if they do it it probably IS a good tatic.
What he never gets is that pro players do things WITH A PURPOSE and IN A CERTAIN CONTEXT. But this would require situational thinking instead of searching for general formulas that allow you to autopilot.


FG’s probably aren’t the best genre to play if you don’t want to think and adapt.