Is walking foward and not being scared to take damage a good tatic

was reading the bible the stret fighter guide and was reading that walking foward and that u have to have a sense of when your opponent will not attack and what have and have to not block sometimes to gain ground etc.

Nope strategy guides unless they’re for games where the opponent is not constantly adapting [feel free to disagree]
You can actually kinda sense that but it takes a lil time before you feel when and how the opponent will come at you.

it beats using dashing jumping special moves etc to get in it takes more patient i have not been jumping at all no more using this tatic

It can be good depending on the game/match up.

That’s just my opinion though when it comes to certain characters patience is pretty much the only way to touch them niggas, you can’t just do what you want with rushdown yun’s [be more afraid of a proper yang]

It really is situation/game/character/match up/who you’re playing against specific.

You have to ask yourself the following questions: is the risk vs reward of this in my favor? Do I have the life to spare? Does this character have the tools to stop me if I try to bulldog them down? Does this player know how to stop me if I just walk in?

I’m no expert, but it’s all a matter of scenario, really. Find some examples, you’ll see what we mean.

It’ll work if only your opponent doesn’t have a proper sense so in a way… nope…

The guy in your video kept walking forward and lost a round to someone with 500pp. Furthermore, he had a huge life lead against Juri and chased her down. He won, but I don’t think that’s a smart strategy, especially considering that he picked Ryu. I wouldn’t watch his videos anymore.

I’ve done that before when I was playing Zangief, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the best strategy for a non-grappler. It can be a good way to see if the opponent will call your bluff and you can SPD them when they try to hit you, but you really have to be on point to make that work.

Yeah especially against dudes with longer ranged pokes like ROLLento, Rose, or even Dudley’s HP [which always feels so good to use against Gief, Hawk, and Hugo].

it has been working i walk foward gradually and crouch block and alternate between walking foward and crouch blocking and before u know they in the corner or in a bad postition spacing wise.

basically walking foward is better imo then jumping or using dashing or special moves to gain ground
because u if u need to block u can.

That’s called bulldogging. That’s not the question you asked, you asked about walking forward and taking damage. I’ve said it before, you need to work on your grammar and being more articulate.

what is bulldogging ? and i also said not being afraid to take damage and did not say just walk foward and take damage i said walk foward not being afraid to take damage.

like if they hit u with a move u then block and keep walking foward.

i don’t know need to work on my grammar but i do need to make it clearer on what im talking about that i agree.

I definitely recommend walking in/out of poke ranges and sometimes just walking and blocking to see what makes your opponent tick, that way you can start to develop a gameplan. You have to be paying close attention to how your opponent likes to move and how they like to poke as well. It’s not easy to do but you’ll get the hang of it in time

ive been doing this alot lately just walking foward read that in ultra street fighter 4 bible.