Is walking foward and poking at the same time a good thing


because i was reading this this old thread on here on footsies.

Poking beats Walking Forward
If your opponent likes to walk forward, poke them with Be careful with using sweeps. If your opponent baits a sweep and jumps, they can get a full combo on you.

is this true ?

Is walking back and forth a good thing in footsies

No, the person who wrote that intentionally lied in order to mislead you.


When walking forward you can’t block. It is technically possible to stop walking forward and block in response to a move, but unless it has like a fifteen frame plus start-up (making it a shitty poke), most people are unable to react to it and will need to block preemptively on a read. Also, you know, six point five frames and all that. Hence why you see people “dance” back and forth just at the edge of their primary pokes to bait out a poke and whiff punish. So yes, poking beats walking forward.


yea when i need to block i do it preemptively i do it but i do that and walk foward stick out a poke


I still don’t get the relationship between the title and the content of the thread. The quote never talks about walking forward and poking, and poking is good everywhere as long as you do it at the right range so that you don’t get stuffed/whiff punished.


i was saying since poking beats walking foward can u walk foward and poke and block when need be if u have to in hopes of them pressing a button.


If your poke is not negative on block and/or you’re not in range to be punished you can do it whenever you want, what’s the problem?


nothing i just asking was it a good tatic to emply in stratgey that’s all


Yes, it’s a good tactic.

But if your opponent knows you’re doing this, then he might adjust. He could try to poke you first, he could walk back and try to whiff punish, he could wait till you get close and try to cross you up, etc. Maybe if he sees you walking forward a lot, he might throw out a random Tatsu.

It’s a good tactic, but you have to remember your opponent is probably trying to do the same thing.


Basically it’s a good tactics like anything in fighting games if you know the possible outcomes and don’t get read by your opponent.


for those that don’t understand what im talking about.


I think you need to read up on “footsies”

Good handbook about it made by sonic hurrican.

Footsie handbook

And a vid by Juicebox:

In short, it depends on the situation and how the opponent is playing.


i read it it is a cool guide but it did not really teach me " footsies"

i play footsies the way i know how to play not how everybody tradtional plays it i don’t like to conform or do what is conventional.


Well if you need to ask a question such as “is walking forward and pressing pokes good” then it shows you don’t really understand how to play neutral works in this game. It isn’t something you cna just brush off and say"ill play how i want", it is literally the core of the game. It’s like saying you want to press buttons after you are negative on block which gets you counterhit, but you stubbornly stick to pressing buttons.

Footsies is just playing mindgames in neutral with an opponent and trying to get superior spacing, you dont have a choice in the matter if an opponent throws out a button in neutral you can’t ignored it. footsies encompasses this this entire act of pressing buttons in neutral. If you say you play your own style of “footsies”, then that means you don’t press any buttons at all?


Why are you guys still replying to any threads mobbdeep makes? Every question he asks is either answered with a 5 second google search, or something he can figure out on his own from 2 minutes in training mode.


Can’t help myself.


I’m not trying to be cold, but your rank is 200,190. Maybe “playing footsies the way you know how to play” isn’t working and you should try someone else’s advice. You ask for help a lot and then often reject the advice that better players give you.


Also his channel is hilarious. He calls command grabs “unblockables”, he does “shimmies” by never walking back and “hit confirms” where the first button was blocked and therefore there’s nothing to confirm. I guess he’s not learning much from his daily questions.


ok last post on this site ever peace it was nice knowing yall guys

Is there anyway to time your normal to hit on a later frame in 5 like in street fighter 4

You’ll be back. You still haven’t asked what a reversal is yet!