Is/Was Mortal Kombat played competitively ever?

Just curious.

SIDENOTE: I remember back in the day when GamePro tiered the MK2 cast. I don’t remember specifics, but it was like:

TOP TIER: Kitana, Jax, Mileena, Baraka
SHIT TIER: Reptile

I think UMK 3 is played competively. I’m not sure though.

Here in Venezuela they were played competitively, sadly no tourney scene was seen until UMK3 arrived.

Right now they get good comp. Check: or for your “mk competitive edge” LOL

Chicago had “national” tournaments for the arcade MK series as I recall. That’s where Midway was located, and Chicago actually had a real scene back in the day.

That Gamepro tier list is wack aside from Mileena & Jax. Those two destroy the game, no question. Reptile is probably the best male ninja, actually, since his specials aren’t as worthless as Scorp & Sub’s.


Off topic: Josh you were the one that played on Dark Geese WH2 tourney at EVO?

On topic: You are right, GP even mentions Martin Vega and Mike Guzman, ranked #1 & #4 respectively on the CMKA (California mk asociation).

I don’t know that MK1 ever got big for competitive play, but MK2 definitely did. MK3 was too broken. UMK3 is still very heavily-played competitively. (especially thanks to the Xbox Live Arcade re-release rejuvenating the comp) I think MK Trilogy is somewhat played competitively. The 3D MKs are too-little-too-late for comp play, especially with superior games like Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Dead Or Alive around. If it wasn’t for the jaded tiers and overall brokeness, Armageddon would be surprisingly good at top-top-level play.

I’m curious if Shaolin Monks gets comp play…

Out of all the games UMK3 is the one that gets the most play on a competitive basis. Definitely check out the sites Hanzo listed in his post.

The list was pretty much accurate IIRC. It had Mileena, Jax, Kang, Lao, Kitana in order, then the rest. It was done by Shirts, and some other peeps.

And Reptile is NOT the best male ninja. All he has is a pretty good anti-air. Thats it. Worthless normals, shitty specials, and easily (like the other male ninjas) can be AA’d. Sub/Scorp are MUCH better. Reptile is not bottom for no reason.

Here in SA, MKII had an okay scene. It wasnt until MK3/UMK hit when the community exploded. I used to go to Pocket Change along with like 20 - 30 people every weekend. People would trip out on me since i was the only kid (13, 14 at the time IIRC) and i was beating down people with Robo/Human Smoke and the tournaments were fucking great. I loved that time. I miss it cause there was such a variety of chars used. I had a big problem against Jax’s (corner issues), Nightwolfs (rushdown) and Kanos. Those were the days. I HOPE it comes back. Doubtful.

The gamepro exact tier list:

Kung Lao
Liu Kang
Johnny Cage
Sub Zero
Shang tsung

I have the isue in my hands right now lol.

lol Still pretty accurate. I havent seen the list since i was 11 so i was going off memory. Replace Kitana with Cage, Sub with Scorp, and Raiden with Baraka. Then its good.

I still have the Infotainment MKII Guide (the one co-authored by Graham Wolfe), here’s the tier listing from that book:

Liu Kang
Kung Lao
Johnny Cage
Shang Tsung

Pretty close to the Gamepro tier previously listed, although the Infotainment list seems to deal mainly with the SNES/Genesis versions. I also own the super-crappy Brady guide, but alas, no tier listings in that guide, only generic “don’t try this at home!” comments.

And back to the topic, MKII was played hella competitively, at least here in L.A. I still remember when the shiny new Super SF II and MKII cabs were both placed at the front of the local arcade, crowds upon crowds around the MKII cabinet while the Super SF II machine got treated like a red-headed stepchild. Funny how Mortal Kombat seemed like the future of fighting games back then.

Then MK3 hit and everyone I knew pretty much laughed at it. All the “kodes” and bullshit, no one could take it seriously. Let’s steal the Run button from NBA Jam, yeah, that was a good idea. Dark fighting? Hell, I can do dark fighting anytime I want by simply closing my eyes while facing the monitor. I guess UMK3 redeemed itself a bit, but by then, MK had already lost a lot of its fanbase.

Why the hell is shang tsung so damn low? He’d rape the entire mk2 roster alone.

ninja edit - around umk3 or trilogy perhaps(thread question)

I thought the same. Shang can beat the crap out of Jax anytime.

MKSM is a very good game too bad it doesnt have a scene.

Cole helped create the engine btw.

Exactly, and the ability to morph in MK2 actually tops him. He can do the same in any other version, it’s just that in 2 it’s valued more. (probably because of less combo strings or the like)

Glad to see UMK3 represented in this thread. Lately there have been some silly people on srk who jump into the MK threads and say MKII for no reason, but the truth shall be told.

I may not remember correctly, but I think the GP ranking had Cage, Sub and Kitana all tied for 5th spot.

The one I posted IS the true GP list.

EDIT: It would be GOOD to have some info on the old MK US scene. I will ask Shock, Lex, Bill or Konqrr to see what they remember.

pretty accurate list, but there’s no way raiden being bottom tier, I think at they have a better list, but it’s quite similar to this, IIRC.

Im not saying that its the curent tier list, just saying that is the tier list seen in GAME PRO magazine in June 1994.