Is Wii mote banned?


Just got the game and would love to get into it. I’ve got a GC controller which I was using as the basis, but just decided to try the wiimote… Wow, that thing auto combos for you. I felt dirty and cheap using it, which is why I wanted to ask if their legal to use in tournaments. I noticed they take some skill to use correctly, but very little compared to a normal pad.

I use a pad in SSFIV, so please no posts telling me to get a stick. Thanks in advance, this game is a blast.


wiimote isnt illegal, but its terrible. use a classic controller if you’re a pad user.


Ya, Wiimote will actually lower your options in he level play your cross up mobility and other key game mechanic will not work on wiimote.


Wiimote use in this game is just like mashing in super. You might get some cool looking things going, but eventually (quickly) your potential will max out and you’re better off with just the standard controller if you don’t want to throw down for a stick.


Well are there any decent/solid/skilled players that use a Wii mote? Just curious.


There was a Gold Lightan 'mote player at devastation making some noise, but that’s the last I heard of someone using it successfully.


Wiimote players can’t get skill sorry to say cause once you get meter you auto super if you do you want a special move. And its just over all a bad controller to play fighters on numchuck included. Your fingers are too close to the Megacrush button which is A. Better off getting a GC or classic or fight stick they will increase your skill 10 full.


*Ya, Wiimote will actually lower your options in he level play your cross up mobility and other key game mechanic will not work on wiimote. * -

im gonna second this notion. i use a wiimote only, and it is HARD, once you get past super noob status. it actually takes (here come the torches) more skill to play at a pro level using a wiimote, without being a spamturtle. i sorta niched myself into the wiimote, but if you CAN get a classic pad, it’s worth it. if you dont get one with the game, get one fast, or else the learning curve is nasty. i came out of cvs2 and i had a hard time going form ps2 controller action, to wiimote-simple weirdness then back to the classic controller format only to find i did not have punches or kicks, but only l-m-h strengths with variable dependents, like direction and rotation. this game is more complex than your initial impressions let on, and getting a classic controller is the fastest way to start figuring it out. (or a stick)

also, maybe my controller is bunk, but i cant get my wiimote (simple mode) to crush, i was under the impression that this was just a trade off in simple mode, is this incorrect?

battle: i’ll give you a good fight with a wiimote. let me find my player number and i’ll pm u


I’d personally vouch for a wiimote ban. Charge moves aren’t single button press for a good reason, why should it be any different for wiimote? Capcom’s logical: I don’t understand it.


Wii mote fucks up enough shit for the user that a ban is not required. Its so limiting that even the insta charge ain’t gonna break it.

let’s stop all this ban talk, it’s startin to look silly


lol i agree, wii mote play is very restrictive, so banning it is kind of a dumb idea. if ppl have a hard time fighting wiimoters, they may have to up their games, lol, but it’s no help at high levels:shake:


I personally think wiimote PTX is a little on the BS side, but that’s just me, overall I don’t really care who uses what


No, Wiimote isn’t banned.

If that’s all you’ve got, then have at it.

The rest of the posts here are 100% correct. You will only have access to your characters medium specials, and all your combo options will be horribly cramped.

Some characters are just downright awful on a wiimote (Doronjo and Volnutt really suffer)




i have done ok with doronjo, but volnutt does fail horribly as tekkaman blade. i know tekkaman is a boss choice but on the wiimote he’s almost unplayable, same with yatterman 2. anytime you go online with blade or yat2 lag will often default you to doing their rapid button moves. zero is good on wiimote, but you have to THINK alot more when using him, because its easy to be a cheap turtle, and therefore predictable, and easy to beat. wii mote = hard


Since this is the only controller-related thread on this board, and I want to share my pain, I busted out my stick today, and to my despair, my light hit button was broken! Like, sometimes I’d tap it and it just would do nothing, or if it did work it was hugely delayed. Does anyone know how to repair this? I’ll post on the tech forum too I guess. Very very upset :frowning:


What kind of stick is it? The LP button went out on my Wii Hori Stick, so I desoldered it and moved it. I swapped it with one of the Zl Zr buttons you only use to read menus in TvC.

Works like a charm now.


it’s the generic TvC stick.