Is Yang Relevant?

Everyone always talks about how the twins are a problem but I don’t thin Yang deserves to be grouped with Yun as the problem. No one uses Yang. I don’t see why anyone choosing a character for competitive reasons would choose Yang when Yun is available and if you don’t like that type of character, then you choose a different yet effective character like Fei, or Makoto. Despite the fact that most people would say that Yang is the second or third best character, There is no Yang in top 8 at Evo. I’m sure there were a few here and there, but from listening to what UltraDavid was talking about on the stream, not a lot of people were using him and that holds true to my experience playing online. I think it sucks for the character ranked second/ third out of 39 to be getting such little love because there’s a “better” version of that character who is the best…

I dunno. I’m not mad or anything. I enjoy Yang more than Yun and will stick with him (I also like to go against the crowd). I’m just questioning his relevance and wondering what everyone else thinks about this.

Commentators seemed out of it today. Lots of wrong information being given. Yang is definitely one of the best, and has the potential to be the best. You say there is no reason to choose Yang when you can choose Yun.

Well, Yang has a teleport that functions quite similarly to Abel’s roll. Yang has a better safe pressure game than Yun. Yang has FADC DP. Better Ultras and can combo into both of them for good damage. Yang’s dive kick is safer than Yun’s. In one minute, I have came up with reasons to pick Yang instead.

Sorry. Maybe I over exaggerated when I said “no reason” to choose Yang over Yun. But from what I’ve seen, those reasons aren’t enough to get most people to choose him over Yun. Who knows. Maybe I just keeping missing most of the Yangs online and I’m missing most of them on streams and stuff. Still, you would expect a character as good as Yang to be played more by top players and in tournaments yet significantly more people talk about how they are switching or have switched to Yun. Things could change and people might start switching, but as of now, it seems like Yang doesn’t exist.


Why does anybody care if Yang is represented or not? Fact is, Yang is just like the other 35 characters that exist aside from Fei or Yun - till Yun gets nerfed, people will always flock to him.

Nobody uses Yang?

Last I checked, it seemed like EVERYBODY, at least has a pocket Yang.

AE just came out on consoles a month ago, so you can’t expect there to be many American Yang players that can play him at a high enough level to compete with Asia’s top arcade players that have been playing AE for over half a year, not even the American players that live near an arcade with AE cabs because many of those players were still playing Super back then as it was the only version of SF4 used in console tournaments.

I just brought it up in the Orlando Fighting Game Community. Yang is a solid character, he’s upper tier, but when he came out everyone was screaming “Nerf the twins!” But I think a lot of it was spill-over from Yun.

In fact, I think the Yun blow-up is what allowed Fei Long’s god-tierness to go so long without being really spoken too much about. EVO top 8 and 32 really shows the lack of Yang, and the extreme strength of Yun and Fei.

Yang is upper tier, in my opinion, but god-tier belongs to Yun and Fei.

lol Yang is really, really, REALLY good. People just overlook this guy in favor of Yun because well… quite frankly he’s stupid good.

Yun allows you to be dumb and not be AS good as a Yang main to see results. Yang is much better up close though. Yun is better at being bullshit and and getting random damage from said bullshit.

its just that nemo didnt attend evo sadly…

Even if you are a great character, not everyone is being repped.
Nobody in the US plays Yang that well, and unlike Yun and Fei, no Yang grandmasters came for a visit.
Sad, but what to do

yang is definitely really good in this game but i think the reason he is not “well represented” in the higher level games is because the way he plays. Like he can play really safe and has good buttons, dmg, combos, ultra, etc, but he can’t go on balls out offense like the characters like yun, akuma, makoto, and the other characters like them.

Like in comparison to yun, yeah yangs got safer dive kicks, better palms, safer pressure, fadc-able dp, better footsies, and GREAT buttons close range like his st lp and close st mp(the +4 on blk is gdlk). However, yun has got no height restriction on the dive kicks which is MUUCH better for pressure(not to mention much more useful for cmd grab setups), he has a Faster cmd grab, his reversal kicks are not fadcable but the range you move generally puts you at an unpunishable range so it becomes a reversal that should be high risk high reward but instead mid risk high reward, he doesnt really have footsies but he has the faster target combo(tat does more stun, builds more meter, but recovers like 2 frame slower than yangs) and he has the reaaaaalllllllyyyy far reaching st mp that can cancel into light shoulders AND after the light shoulders, its perfect range to do cr mk to fish for cntr hit, and he also has a much faster mixup game than yang. Not to mention the fact that yun is soooooooooo much more easier to use than yang lol.

Either way im glad he is kind of not represented in tourneys too well and stuff because i don’t want him to be nerfed stupidly hard along with yun because of the twin hate. If anything i say make his overhead throwable, get rid of his wakeup glitch, and make his wakeup as fast as the rest of the cast(i think yang and yun have faster wakeup like super’s adon)

…yes, he can. Precisely BECAUSE his shit is so safe, he’s ridiculous at straight out offense - but of course, not on the same level as Yun in this regard. Saying he cannot do so is like saying Fei cannot go balls-to-the-wall offensive. His offense is probably up there with Akuma in terms of how opponents get frustrated.

as for Yun being easier to use, YMMV. Every single player in my area says Yang is easier to pick up. He’s so much easier to transition to from a Shoto than Yun.

Who cares that no Yangs made Top 32 @ Evo, was there any grandmaster Yang players from Japan who went? And lets not forget who’s the second most qualified character in SBO…

Yeah, this notion that Yang “isn’t used” at top level, just because he wasn’t represented at ONE tournament, doesn’t mean anything.

Yang has a LOT of representation in Japan, with strong Yang mains… and seemingly EVERYONE developing a pocket Yang, either for a full-time switch, or just to have.

You guys are so reactionary. The idea that you can make a statement like “Yang is not relevant to top level play” because of one tournament, is so silly.

I like Yang, gonna keep playing Yang, that is all that matters for me.

I still think the fact that there wasn’t a single yang in top32 is odd when yun and fei so well reped at evo, not saying yang loses to these 2(ABSOLUTELY NOT) . I think this due to the fact that he is harder to play at higher play. Definitely easy to pik up tho. And don’t say that he wasn’t repped because no grandmaster from japn came because that just proves my point. Either way point is that yang is “relevant,” although I have to say that calling a character relevant or not is a bit weird

I think he is a lot like Abel, in vanilla ppl slept on him but in japan there was shiro tearing it up with him. Look at him now, he is nerfed as ever but both strider and juicebox representing Abel so well

Wtf with this thread , u should be happy having a pocket Yang is not enough to get top 32 at evo . Character tier and tournament placing are 2 different things.

Yang is a great character but yeah, so much talk about Yun probably overshadowed him.

Yea Yang is reallly reallly good. You will see him being used a lot more in the U.S. soon because up close Yang can…

Oh nevermind, Capcom is patching this game again… ill be moving along now.